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UMass Boston Course Seeks to Denaturalize Heterosexuality

UMass Boston Course Seeks to Denaturalize Heterosexuality

“how, in what way, or to what degree is sexuality political”

Note the fact that this course is essentially about politics and not sexuality.

The College Fix reports:

UMass Boston teaches class with goal of denaturalizing heterosexuality

An advanced political theory course at the University of Massachusetts, Boston seeks to denaturalize heterosexuality from a “gay affirmative” perspective, according to a description of the course.

The political science course, “Queer Political Theory,” says that its “primary aims are the de-naturalization of (hetero)sexuality and (hetero)normative gender categories, identities, and expression,” according to an online description of the class.

Asking the question “what is queer politics” and “how, in what way, or to what degree is sexuality political,” the course, which fulfills a mandatory diversity requirement at the college, focuses on the “emergence of Queer Theory in the 1990s, and important contemporary texts on queer and LBGT politics in the U.S.” the description continues.

The class is expected to be offered again this spring at the public university.

Associate Professor of Political Science C. Heike Schotten, who teaches the course, is the author of several publications in the field, including: Queer Terror: Life, Death, and Desire in the Settler Colony; To Exist is to Resist: Palestine and the Question of Queer Theory; Men, Masculinity, and Male Domination: Rethinking Feminist Analyses of Sex Work; Homonationalism: From Critique to Diagnosis, or, We Are All Homonational Now; and Nietzsche and Emancipatory Politics: Queer Theory as Anti-Morality.


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Heterosexuality is the way Nature guarantees the survival of most species of plants and animals. It is science, Biology.

    Massinsanity in reply to Exiliado. | July 23, 2018 at 10:30 am

    Stop confusing them with science.

    UMB is barely a step up from community college and is deep financial trouble due to gross mis management over the last decade +.

    It should not be confused with UMass Amherst or UMass Lowell which are the gems of the UMass system.

Associate Professor of Political Science C. Heike Schotten….I’ll bet she is a real hoot at parties.

Proof positive of how the Left can justify anything. I now await the argument how claims of heterosexuality being normal is somehow antiscience. While this is all absurd to any normal person, what is truly terrifying is how so many on the Left buy into these absurd arguments hook, line, and sinker. Ask yourself, “If those on the Left can so willingly buy into this argument, then what argument is there that they won’t buy into or justify?”