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UCLA Won’t Tell Conservative Prof Why He Was Fired Last Year

UCLA Won’t Tell Conservative Prof Why He Was Fired Last Year

“In all instances, UCLA is stonewalling at every juncture”

Did he deny climate change? Maybe he misused a pronoun.

The College Fix reports:

UCLA fired a conservative professor last year. It’s still refusing to tell him why.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of professor Keith Fink’s filing of a grievance over his ousting from UCLA—an ousting UCLA remains silent about despite multiple requests for an explanation.

Signs of friction emerged between the communication studies lecturer and his department chair a year and half ago, when the chair effectively blocked students from enrolling in Fink’s “Free Speech on Campus” class.

Since then, UCLA has been uncooperative with the conservative professor’s attempts to receive the documents relating to his termination.

“In all instances, UCLA is stonewalling at every juncture,” Andrew Litt, Fink’s former teaching assistant of two years, wrote in an email to The College Fix, speaking on the professor’s behalf. “They don’t want us to uncover the discussions held amongst administrators about Fink’s speech, political beliefs, and advocacy for students.”

‘Absurd’ to refuse arbitration

More than a dozen individuals have submitted California Public Records Act requests for documents relating to Fink’s termination, according to Litt, who now serves as a clerk in Fink’s law firm.

They include former students who became interested in the case, people who wrote letters on his behalf, and fellow attorneys or people within Fink’s law firm.

Litt said the idea was to have as many requests as possible, as opposed to one long request. None of the requests has been successful.

Fink also requested that an independent arbitrator hear his claims as a neutral third party. UCLA denied the request without providing specific reasoning. The university declined to comment for this story.


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