Berkeley is the one place you would almost expect to engage in this sort of rhetoric.

The College Fix reports:

UC Berkeley prof: Trump is engaged in ‘textbook treason’

A political science professor at UC Berkeley says that President Trump’s recent press conference with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland is an example of his “textbook treason.”

M. Steven Fish also claims that “in the last 18 months Russia made more progress” toward its goal of destabilizing NATO and other US alliances than in the entire last century.

“We cannot just sweep this under the rug and go on to the next outrage, because Trump is a master at doing that,” Fish told Berkeley News. “This matter is immeasurably more important to the future of the country than any other.”

Professor Fish notes that while the United States and China “are adversaries in some ways,” China — unlike Russia — does not “try to sabotage American institutions.” He blames President Trump and congressional Republicans for not doing enough to best Russia at its own game. “Shockingly,” Fish says, “that willingness is not there at this time.”

As for Putin, Fish says the Russian leader”never dreamed” he would ever have this easy with any US president.

From the article:

This is textbook treason. This is what treason looks like. The fact that it’s been so brazenly committed, and on an ongoing basis over a two-year period, is blinding. If this were a little bit less public and we dug what Trump is saying out of some secret documents we’d be exclaiming it: “Oh wow, this is treason!” But this is so brazen and it’s been so obvious for so long, that we have become accustomed to just keep shaking our heads and turning away, denying that this can be happening.