Another student group claims victory in the battle for freedom and equality on campus.

The College Fix reports:

UC-Berkeley changes club policy to settle lawsuit by Young Americans for Liberty

The nascent Young Americans for Liberty club at the University of California-Berkeley said it was denied recognition last year because it was “too similar” to an existing club, the Cal Libertarians.

This policy that let university officials judge which applicants had overlapping missions with others – and deny their applications based on subjective criteria – led to a lawsuit against the taxpayer-funded institution.

Seven months later, the university’s board of regents has scrapped the policy and implemented a new policy that encourages but doesn’t force nascent clubs to talk to similar clubs first about joining their efforts.

In a settlement between the parties, the university agreed to pay $8,250 to the YAL chapter and its lawyers at the Alliance Defending Freedom and revise its “registered student organization” guidance.

The new guidance on the LEAD Center website reads:

If the description of a new student organization in a statement of purpose or uniqueness is duplicative of one or more existing RSOs, the LEAD Center may encourage, but not require, the applicant organization’s signatories to confer and collaborate with such RSOs. The LEAD Center may also ask that the group’s signatories discuss this potential duplication during the required meeting with a LEAD Center staff member (Step 2). This meeting provides a valuable opportunity for the LEAD Center staff to help student signatories think through ways their organization can make a unique, positive contribution to the University’s RSO community. …

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