If you can become distraught over something like this, are you really ready for college?

Campus Reform reports:

Students complain that prof’s op-ed made them feel bad

Students at the University of Washington are circulating an internal petition of concern after a computer science professor claimed that men and women are different.

The controversy began on June 19, when UW-Seattle Professor Stuart Reges published an article in Quillette titled “Why Women Don’t Code,” in which he argued that women tend to not be as interested as men in coding due to sex differences.

While he admits the title was hyperbolic—as he’s taught hundreds of women to code over the past two decades—Reges told Campus Reform that “one should never attribute to oppression that which is adequately explained by free choice.”

“If men and women are different, then we should expect them to make different choices,” he wrote in Quillette, before summarizing recent research discovering that women may be less likely to enter STEM fields due to their comparatively high verbal ability.

“It is not lack of ability that causes females to [favor] non-STEM careers, but rather the greater likelihood that females with high math ability also have high verbal ability and thus can consider a wider range of occupations,” he wrote, quoting a seminal 2013 study.

Further, Reges expressed concern that diversity initiatives backfire by gaslighting women into being afraid of men, especially as these initiatives often stress the “negative stories of men behaving badly in tech” at the expense of positive anecdotes.

“Women will find themselves wondering if they should resent men,” he worried, adding that diversity efforts might alternatively make male geeks “find themselves feeling even more awkward around women than they would be otherwise.”


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