Is there anything that can’t be blamed on the Trump administration? Apparently not.

Campus Reform reports:

Prof claims Trump ‘making microaggressions worse’ on campus

A professor at the University of St. Thomas in Texas recently blamed the Trump administration for the rise in microaggressions she and her colleagues have allegedly faced from each other since the 2016 election.

Nicole Walters published “Trump’s America is Making Microaggressions an Even Greater Reality for Women Faculty of Color” in the recent issue of the peer-reviewed academic journal Women, Gender, and Families of Color.

Walters—who is also a Dean at the Texas institution—cites the alleged rise in microaggressions on her campus as a “marked difference from President Barack Obama’s ethos of inclusivity and his message of hope and unity.”

Since the election, Walters claims that many of her white colleagues suddenly feel emboldened to inquire if she’s an affirmative action hire, suggest she’s in collusion with other black faculty members, and question her authority.

“It has been a life-changing experience, to say the least. Staring into the hollowed eyes who question your validity as a leader, scholar, and, dare I say, colleague has been sobering,” Walters wrote in a Trump-oriented issue of the journal.

Instead of addressing her concerns with her colleagues personally, or reporting them to HR, Walters instead chose to chronicle her frustrations publicly, in the hopes of raising awareness and suggesting coping strategies to other faculty of color.