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Portland State Now Offering Course on ‘Ecofeminist Spirituality’

Portland State Now Offering Course on ‘Ecofeminist Spirituality’

“The insight of Ecofeminism is that the oppression of women and the exploitation of the earth are related”

Imagine the doors of opportunity which will burst open once you have this course on your transcript.

Campus Reform reports:

Course combines feminist concerns with environmental activism

The Portland State University Women’s Studies department will offer a course next semester exploring “ecological feminist spirituality” and the potential for an “ecological revolution.”

“Ecofeminist Spirituality” is a senior-level course taught by Dr. Frodo Okulam, and primarily aims to explore “different forms of ecofeminist spirituality” including “feminist biblical interpretation” as well as “goddesses and spirituality.”

“The insight of Ecofeminism is that the oppression of women and the exploitation of the earth are related,” Okulam told Campus Reform, adding that “in its least radical form…it would use existing laws to reform our relationship with nature.”

But Okulam also teaches students about other variations of ecofeminism. In a handout she often provides to students, for instance, she explains that there are Socialist Ecofeminism, Radical Ecofeminism, and Spiritual Ecofeminist schools of thought.

The most radical of these, she says, is Socialist Ecofeminism, which “would end the domination of women and nature inherent in the capitalist economy’s exploitation of both” and “transform the structure of power itself.”

Spiritual Ecofeminists would seek “a balance within our ways of knowing, so that neither mind nor body are seen as opposed to one another,” she added. “They do not argue for the primacy of women over men, but against practice of…hierarchical power itself.”


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At Portland State you can get a B.A. in Women’s Studies.

You can also get a B.S.

The imagination quails. I really have no idea what a Bachelor of Science in Women’s Studies could mean.

One wonders how that is consistent with the Oregon Constitution’s Blaine Amendment provision: ““No money shall be drawn from the Treasury for the benefit of any religeous [sic], or theological institution, nor shall any money be appropriated for the payment of
any religeous [sic] services in either house of the Legislative Assembly.” Oregon Const. Art. I, § 5.

It’s all a part of the lefts latest vagenda. (I stole that last word from Tracy Ullman on her BBC comedy show)