At a recent rally, Congresswoman Maxine Waters asked for fellow progressives to “push back” on Trump supporters and create mobs to harass them. She garnered a great deal of media attention as a result.

She is now the center of even more attention, as her Los Angeles office was evacuated after the delivery of a package labeled “Anthrax”.

Police and a hazardous materials team responded to the South Los Angeles field office of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles) on Tuesday to investigate a suspicious package that was apparently labeled “anthrax,” according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The item was determined not be a danger. No injuries were reported.

The office at 10124 S. Broadway was evacuated after the item was found about 2:35 pm., according the LAPD.

Anthrax is a serious and potentially fatal infectious disease caused by Bacillus anthracis bacteria. As a reminder, there were a series of anthrax attacks in 2001 that claimed the lives of 5 people and sickened 17.

Anthrax was sent via anonymous letters to news agencies in Florida and New York and a congressional office building in Washington.

Of the five victims who died of inhalation anthrax, two were postal workers. The other three victims were an elderly woman from rural Connecticut, a Manhattan hospital worker from the Bronx and an employee at a Florida tabloid magazine who may have contracted anthrax through cross-contamination.

The letters were sent to NBC anchor Tom Brokaw, Sen. Majority Leader Tom Daschle, Sen. Patrick Leahy, and the New York Post offices. The letters were postmarked Trenton, New Jersey.

Therefore, the threat is being taken seriously by law enforcement.

An investigation has since been launched by the Los Angeles Police Department Major Crimes Division. The Los Angeles Fire Department is also investigating.

While Waters has received a slew of death threats following her criticism of Trump, she has made it clear she won’t be backing down anytime soon.

The Democrat recently warned would-be assassins that they ‘better shoot straight’ if they want to target her.

Fortunately for Waters’ staff, the package was completely harmless and the labeling was actually a riff on the disease name.

The agency later clarified that the package was addressed to “Anne Thrax,” and that Los Angeles police requested a hazmat response from LAFD.

The individual who came into contact with the package did not voice any medical concerns as those affected in the two-story building were evacuated, according to the Fire Department.

It will be fascinating to see if law enforcement determines who the perpetrator of this incident is and the motivation, especially if it turns out to be staged by another member of the #Resistance. There have been plenty of such hoaxes.