This smart and funny op-ed was written by… me.

Here’s an excerpt from Townhall:

Don’t Hassle Me With Your Microaggressions, You Fascist

In case you haven’t noticed, the far left has taken control on the campuses of many American colleges and universities. This development hasn’t worked out well in a number of ways, but the effect on free speech has been particularly troubling. The left doesn’t only want to stifle conservative speakers on campus, they want to control the very words you use.

One of the ways they do this is by accusing people of using microaggressions.

Microaggressions occur when a small detail is assumed in conversation. It can be as simple as asking “Where are you from?” when meeting a person with an accent, or as absurd as assuming a person’s gender by speaking to them with gender specific pronouns like “he and she” or “him and her.”

Here’s the funny part. Most of the people who embrace this ideology wouldn’t think twice about calling Trump supporters or anyone else on the right “fascists.”

It’s an ironic charge, considering the vast majority of people who are shutting down free speech on college campuses are members of the left.

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