The left does not understand that there is only free speech.

The Washington Examiner reports:

College to host ‘Dangerous Speech’ training

This fall, a community college in Arizona will host a training seminar for students and faculty that will focus on distinguishing “hate speech” from “free speech.”

In October, Maricopa Community College in Arizona will feature a two day conference titled “Hate Speech versus Free Speech: Navigating the Changing Boundaries in Today’s World,” where attendees will learn about speech considered to be “dangerous” to society, as well as methods for counteracting it.

According to the event website, the purpose of the training is to “help build long-term societal resilience to violence” by teaching students and educators methods for “identifying, resisting, and countering Dangerous Speech and its impact.”

On the first day of the conference, a series of lectures and seminars will focus on “decoding Dangerous Speech,” which is essentially a method for providing individuals with guidelines for how they can identify and subsequently classify speech that they may disagree with to be “dangerous.”