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Iowa State Student Government Allocates $1,000 for Campus ‘Tree of Oppression’

Iowa State Student Government Allocates $1,000 for Campus ‘Tree of Oppression’

“represents the macro and micro-aggressive interactions marginalized students”

It’s basically a tree that’s already on campus, decorated with signs and fake chains. Solid purchase there, folks.

Campus Reform reports:

Iowa State student gov sponsors ‘tree of oppression’

Students at Iowa State University encountered a new form of arboreal activism on campus this week in the form of a “Tree of Oppression” funded by the student government.

According to the images obtained by Campus Reform, the tree is located on campus and appeared to have several multi-colored plastic chains wrapped around its trunk and branches. The political display was also accompanied by a “tree of oppression” sign that explained the message behind the initiative.

“This tree represents the countless identities that face oppression on campus each day,” the sign read. “Each color represents a different identity waiting to break the chains of bondage.”

While independent student organizations frequently spearhead similar political projects around the country, the funding for the “Tree of Oppression” was allocated by the Iowa State Student Government Senate in October, 2017.

According to the student government bill, which passed without serious opposition last year, the tree “represents the macro and micro-aggressive interactions marginalized students experience under institutionalized systems of oppression each day.”

“The Diversity and Inclusion Committee hopes to use this tree as a physical representation of the university’s, and more specifically the student body’s, acknowledgement of these negatively impactful interactions,” the bill read.

The document also presented a breakdown of the proposed expenses for the project, including $640 for colored plastic chains, $150 for a metal sign, and $210 for shipping and handling.


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I don’t recall being that stupid back when I was in college. I mean I was stupid (most college age kids are), but not THAT stupid !

$210 for shipping and handling? Where are they getting these “plastic chains?” Or is that for the “metal sign?”