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Harvard Denies Discriminating Against Asian-American Applicants

Harvard Denies Discriminating Against Asian-American Applicants

“part of the continuing case against the university”

A lawsuit against the school is scheduled to go to court in October. The school denies the allegations.

The Boston Globe reports:

Harvard denies discriminating against Asian-Americans

Harvard strenuously denied allegations that it discriminates against Asian-American applicants in court documents filed Friday morning.

The Ivy League college, whose admissions practices are at the center of a federal affirmative action lawsuit, argued that it values the ethnic backgrounds of its Asian-American applicants and has not capped the number of students it lets in based on their race.

Harvard said that the statistical analysis behind the argument that it discriminates was “deeply flawed,” leading to a “misleading narrative.” And in a separate statement, it argued that the organization suing the college had created “900 paragraphs of supposedly undisputed facts — many of which are neither undisputed nor even facts.”

Harvard’s filings on Friday are part of the continuing case against the university brought by Students for Fair Admissions on behalf of several Asian-American students. In the filings, Harvard insists that the evidence the Students for Fair Admissions has presented thus far falls short proving intentional discrimination, and fails to meet the standards for a quick judgment on the organization’s behalf.

Harvard called its opponents’ June filing a “45-page press release, devoted to presenting a misleading narrative that is manifestly subject to genuine dispute,” according to court documents filed on Friday.


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Sue their pants off!

“Harvard Denies Discriminating Against Asian-American Applicants”

Yeah, but that’s just what a bunch of crypto-racists would say!

Of course they don’t discriminate against Asians. They simply set a maximum class size, and then institute affirmative action quotas for favored minorities, leaving fewer slots for less favored groups like white males and Asians. No discrimination necessary.