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German Police: 126,000 Immigrants Set for Deportation Have ‘Disappeared’

German Police: 126,000 Immigrants Set for Deportation Have ‘Disappeared’

Merkel’s handling of migration “aimed to cause maximum damage to Germany,” says Germany’s right-wing AfD party.

An estimated 126,000 illegal immigrants set for deportation from Germany have slipped through the fingers of immigration authorities, German Federal Police office (BKA) disclosed. German police hope that some of these illegal immigrants may have voluntarily left the country, German newspaper Die Welt reported.

The scenario of illegal immigrants “self-deporting” themselves out of Germany is most unlikely. It is more probable that many of these fugitives have acquired new identities and are drawing welfare from the state. As past Legal Insurrection reports indicate, it is very easy for asylum seekers to get multiple identities in Germany thanks to the bureaucratic chaos resulting from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door migrant policy.

In addition to illegal immigrants, more than three thousand Islamic radicals have also managed to elude arrests despite outstanding warrants, the Federal Police admitted. A large number of prison escapees are also on the run.

Germany’s right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) reacted to the revelations by slamming the government’s handling of immigration policy, saying it “gives an impression that this type of politics aims to cause maximum damage to Germany.” The party also questioned the official figure of 126,327 fugitive immigrants. The actual number should be much higher, the party asserted.

A statement issued by the AfD on social media said:

We have almost 300,000 fugitives on the run. It is unimaginable for any country that wants to be taken seriously for its rule of law.

For a country where life is good, we enjoy it and want to live in safety [paraphrasing Merkel’s 2017 campaign slogan] there are as many fugitive criminals as the entire population of the city of Mannheim. Some 175,000 of them are criminals, potential Islamic terrorists (3,151) and prison inmates on the loose that have managed to elude the Federal Police (BKA). In addition to that there are 126.327 illegal immigrants who have gone underground. [Translation by the Author]

The revelations come as mainstream German media is involved in a campaign to undermine the deportation of  rejected asylum seekers. Media commentators in Germany have been praising Elin Ersson, the Swedish activist who boarded a plane at Gothenburg airport to prevent the deportation of an Afghan refugee.

Last week, the German newspaper Tageszeitung paid homage to Ersson by publishing a 4-step “Guide to Disobedience” telling its readers how to obstruct and prevent immigration authorities from carrying out deportations. Advising its readers to disrupt the air traffic, the newspaper writes, “Once the plane doors are closed: that’s the time for real action, because German Federal Police cannot use any force at this point as dictated by the international law.” The aim of the “resistance” is to “prevent the plane from taking off. So long as you don’t sit down, the flight cannot take off.”

Muslim radicals and foreign offenders are apt at using the loopholes in Germany’s liberal immigration system to evade deportation and detention. Earlier this month, a German administrative court ordered authorities to bring the deported Tunisian jihadist and former confidant of Osama bin Laden, Sami A., back to Germany. The deported Islamist received €320,000 in welfare payments from the state, the German magazine Der Spiegel disclosed. His case is not an exception: many of the leading figures of the German Islamist scene, along with their extended families, are living on welfare.

Uncontrolled mass migration from Arab and Muslim countries, a broken down immigration system, and a generous welfare state are Allah-sent gifts to the radical Muslims living in Germany.

According to a recent intelligence report, the number of jihadists in the country has doubled in past five years, crossing the 10,000-mark. While activist media in Germany are busy undermining the workings of the country’s immigration agency, the radical Islamists are amassing a formidable army in the heart of Europe.

Video: Germany’s Merkel clashes with Hungarian PM Orban over migration (July 5, 2018)

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You don’t just disappear in modern Germany. They track you through the mail and 100 other ways. They know where these people are.

“As past Legal Insurrection reports indicate, it is very easy for asylum seekers to get multiple identities in Germany thanks to the bureaucratic chaos resulting from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door migrant policy.”

I’m not surprised. Germans luv them some rubber stamp paper bureaucracy.

Also noted, the German media works off the same malignant #resist playbook as the American media.

So, previous reports were over 10,000 hard core Muslim radicals. How many police stations in Germany? Divide the 10,000 radicals amongst the police stations, taking out the little stations. Use some of those 126,000 among those taking out the police and there is huge problem. Eventually the police are hunkered down in a handful of very large stations. Which make an even more inviting target. Diminishing police presence means greater growth opportunities for No-Go Zones. The only hope here is the Mohammedans tend to be very contentious lot-the whole my brother, my family, my clan, my tribe thing. If they were united this would be much worse. Unfortunately, those opposing Islamic infiltration are even more divided that the Mohammedans.

SpaceInvader | July 31, 2018 at 2:21 pm

My favorite is the Islamist guy who went on TV with his three wives and admitted that they all get welfare and give him their checks. He lives large and the moronic state doesn’t even try to stop him. They are too busy trying not to offend immigrants. The EU can’t destroy itself fast enough.

Juba Doobai! | July 31, 2018 at 2:55 pm

If someone is scheduled for deportation, pen him and his family, high security. Take whatever resources he has as repayment for the services he received whilst in the country. Do not let him re-enter the society.

A hundred thousand refugees here. Millions in immigration reform there. A human rights catastrophe that was created and persists to avoid reporting of the people left behind, the children separated and lost on the trail of tears, and avoidance of emigration reform to resolve their causes. All while globally there are tens of millions of wholly innocent lives electively aborted/sacrificed under sanction of forward-looking ethics and progressive policies of selective-child (i.e. social progress).

Refugees Welcome… Planned Parenthood Welcome… ignore the causes and men, women, and children left behind, and replaced. The progress of social justice adventurism, global anti-nativism, and diversity (e.g. racism) that selectively reports its victims and consequences at the emigre’s origin and destination. Redistributive change with people.

I wonder how many of the “disappeared” are holed up in mosques, since those are considered by Muslims as fortresses of war. Germany wouldn’t dare check though.

CaptScientist | August 1, 2018 at 7:17 am

Well it appears that the USA is not the only country eat up with boneheads. Just how the heck do you loose a city….Trump was right to scold merkle publicly.