Can you imagine the ‘woke’ arguments these kids will get into on trash and recycling day?

The College Fix reports:

Florida State University offers students ‘social justice’ living community

A public university in Florida offers its students a dormitory option to study “social justice,” with the promise that residents will have the chance to “further their own understanding of people, groups, communities, and societies.”

Florida State University’s Social Justice Living-Learning Community offers a progressive take on traditional learning communities. According to the program’s website, the themed dormed allows students to “discuss and challenge common beliefs on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, ability, citizenship, political ideology and other identities.”

Students who participate in the program “learn leadership skills that will help them to create positive, sustainable change in their communities in whatever issues they are passionate about,” Paige Rentz, a spokeswoman for the university’s Center for Leadership & Social Change, told The College Fix via email.

Campus Living-Learning Coordinator Denis Mercier told The Fix that the living community, founded in 2007, was “created in response to the success of six other living-learning communities already operating on our campus, and a to surging interest in leadership development experiences, especially those related to justice and social change.”

“Selection has always been competitive, and SoJust has at times received 3 or 4 applications for each available space. Residents are carefully selected based on a brief essay application and a phone interview,” Mercier added.