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DePaul University Prof Thinks We Should Abolish Universities

DePaul University Prof Thinks We Should Abolish Universities

“The gravest internal threat to this country is not illegal aliens; it is leftist professors”

This professor may be onto something here. I’m just amazed he works for DePaul.

The Washington Examiner reports:

College professor calls to abolish universities

Jason Hill, a professor from DePaul University, recently made headlines for calling to abolish universities, arguing that the principles that once made universities intellectual beacons have vanished.

“Today, after 22 years of being a college professor, and having traveled much of America to lecture, I am sad to say the situation is not the same. The core principles and foundations that keep the United States intact, that provide our citizens with their civic personalities and national identities, are being annihilated,” the professor wrote for an article published in The Hill.

He goes on to suggest, “The gravest internal threat to this country is not illegal aliens; it is leftist professors who are waging a war against America and teaching our young people to hate this country.”

While immigration has been dominating our culture recently, Hill, like many other conservatives, believes one of the greatest threats to our nation is something totally different. Hill suggest that when colleges openly advocate against principles like individualism and free speech they are doing more harm to the country than good.

Hill explained further, “When the term ‘Western civilization’ is equated with racism, cultural superiority and pervasive oppression, and students in my political philosophy class refuse to study the works of John Stuart Mill or John Locke (or any other white thinker) because they consider them white supremacists, there is no lower level of educational hell.”


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It’s not clear that they should be disbanded. But since fake education is as much a “thing” as fake news, they should be labeled as such. The consumer should have some warning that what’s in the box may not be what he thinks he’s paying for. Maybe a required label—”Caution: Liberal Arts Colleges have been determined to be hazardous to your education.”

Antifundamentalist | July 28, 2018 at 3:36 pm

I perused through a community college course catalogue not too long ago. When I first attended, there were a plethora of options to meet the requisite Literature courses for an AA degree. That year they offered Women’s Literature and African American Literature. That was it. No Shakespeare, No English Literature – nada. In the entire English department there were almost no electives, and those available catered to a specific subset of the population. There wasn’t even a Creative Writing course on offer. I was astounded. I don’t see how they can claim to be offering any kind of an education when there was no real diversity in the options.

A good idea but impractical. I mean, you can’t stop people from freely giving their money to someone who wants to teach them garbage.

The best we can do is stop spending our tax dollars on it. Let’s try for that!

If I can get over the inconvenient moral proddings of my old-fashioned conscience, I am going to set up a web site that, for the small sum of $1000, will give the buyer a genuine framed degree from an Ivy League (or close to Ivy League) university. The degree itself won’t matter: “BA Liberal Studies” or some equivalent, depending upon the offerings of each school.

Besides the clear utility of the thing in a job market which unnecessarily requires college degrees for every kind of position imaginable, the $1000 sheepskin will save students from 4 years of ignorance (passing as education), overt racism and sexism (passing as social justice), and binge drinking (passing as freedom). In addition, the student will completely avoid possible false sexual assault accusations and certain future debt bondage.

For an extra $1000, my website will provide genuine (looking) transcripts, for those who need to show them to employers. And for an extra $5000, our website’s cracker-jack hacker will get them on the university’s actual website.

And thus will a criminal enterprise save America.

    jhn1 in reply to Tel. | July 29, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    There were entities doing just that. They got caught.
    Next wave gave credits for “life experiences” towards a degree.
    You guessed it…… .they got caught. Latest wave certifies foreign students as attending nonexistent classes for federal (and foreign) subsidies towards degrees. The Feds are not looking very hard this time. I wonder why.
    IMHO there are two huge factors multiplying each other towards this problem.
    1) Federal subsidies for crap education with accreditation boards insisting crap from previously good institutions is not allowed to be evaluated towards accreditation loss.
    2) Judicial interpretations making everything racial. Only 3 things any employer can use as a filter that are not subject to retroactive criminality as racism. Government license, previous job experience in that job (not related job but that job), and college degree are the only 3.

Several years ago I pointed out to one little pointed head that what they were receiving no longer qualified as education, but indoctrination. His telling response was, “What’s the difference?”, a question any conservative can easily answer – albeit with a response no snowflake will comprehend.

Actually, he’s right about most “liberal arts” schools, including the Ivy League, although it isn’t actually necessary to abolish them. Stop federal subsidies and scholarships and most of them would fold up like a cheap tent.

Just shut down the humanities. They’ve become junk. And fire half the “administration”. They are just political officers of the KGB witch-hunting for Thought Crimes

Ref: Foul. 15 yard penalty. Mixing metaphors from Red October, Soviets and 1984.

Funny coincidence, the Political Officer aboard Red October is named Putin. Guess I should report myself to Comrade Meuller.

Teachers should instruct, not indoctrinate. I went through the public school system in one of the bluest counties in Northern Virginia during the 60’s and 70’s. Not once did a teacher ever express their opinion on an issue, even when directly asked. The answer always was, ” you decide.”