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Dean at U. Georgia Attacked on Twitter for Congratulating a Republican Friend

Dean at U. Georgia Attacked on Twitter for Congratulating a Republican Friend

“liberals quickly denounced him for having something nice to say about a Republican”

Professor Charles Davis congratulated his childhood friend for becoming a GOP candidate for governor. Then he was attacked on Twitter.

Campus Reform reports:

UGA Dean attacked on Twitter for having GOP friend

A University of Georgia professor issued an apology to those he had “offended” when he congratulated an old friend on becoming the state’s Republican candidate for governor.

Charles Davis, dean of the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at UGA, sent the offending tweet shortly after Brian Kemp won the GOP primary Tuesday night, noting that he had been friends with Kemp since childhood and considers him a “nice guy.”

“I went to high school with GOP guv candidate @BrianKempGA. We played YMCA ball from childhood. Politics be damned. He is a nice guy, always was. Kind to a fault,” Davis tweeted. “He’s a friend, always has been, and will be when we’re old(er) and grey(er). That’s how all this should work, people.”

Rather than embracing Davis’ call for civility, liberals quickly denounced him for having something nice to say about a Republican, declaring that Kemp is a “racist” who “spews bigoted and dangerous rhetoric,” and insinuating that Davis must therefore be no different.

“You’re a straight white man. Of course he was nice and kind to you. Racists are generally nice to their own kind,” one user replied. “Why don’t you say what you really mean. Politics be damned. You’d never vote for a black woman and would much rather vote for the white racist.”

“It’s the definition of privilege,” another user remarked caustically. “~the dean~ has the luxury of damning politics because no politician is threatening his rights, safety, or survival; he is willing to empower those who would threaten the same of others on account of the candidate being ‘nice’ to him personally.”


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Caving into the demands of the angry twitter mob has got to stop.

These forced apologies really get on my nerves. They are so reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution. This man had nothing to apologize for. To pretend otherwise is to encourage the Ivory Tower world of make-believe prevalent on today’s campuses. Colleges are so eager for the pretty much guaranteed tuitions, that they suck up to their students in the most embarrassing way. When these kids present themselves to the work force, arrogantly flaunting their expectations, they’re going to run into the bosses who run the workplace, and who have expectations of their own for employees. New grads are about to find out they have no power in the real world. Not until they prove themselves. No wonder so many end up in their parents’ basements.