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Conference at SUNY Claims ’Inclusive Language’ Needed to Counter Violence

Conference at SUNY Claims ’Inclusive Language’ Needed to Counter Violence

“affirming spaces for transgender and gender-nonconforming students”

The focus of the event was the LGBT+ community. The concept is that violence can be prevented by using the right language.

Campus Reform reports:

Conference claims ’inclusive language’ needed to counter violence

The State University of New York system recently held a “SUNY Spectrum” conference that discussed preventing “violence against the LGBTQI+ community” by using inclusive language.

According to the content of slideshows, titles, and descriptions of conference sessions obtained by Campus Reform, the phrase “preventing violence” was intended to encompass a wide range of concepts, including the use of “supportive terminology” such as “homoflexible,” “gray romantic,” and “akoisexual.”

The pamphlet promoting the June 19 event touted dozens of discussion sessions, including a workshop on developing “practical skills” that service providers need to combat “violence and trauma in the trans community.”

“This fast-paced interactive workshop will encourage attendees to expand their existing framework associated with trans language, as well as theoretical concepts and approaches to working with transgender survivors,” the university explained on its website.

Similarly, the conference also featured a talk on creating “affirming spaces for transgender and gender-nonconforming students” in an effort to “give attendees direct takeaways for how to create inclusive spaces for students of all gender identities,” from “forms and paperwork to attitudes and language.”


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I hope someone is going to publish a dictionary to translate PC-speak into plain English. Or maybe that’s the point. Only the most “woke” people will act like they understand.

I can start. woke = idiot