A new ordinance in the city which takes effect in January raises the legal age for firearm ownership.

The College Fix reports:

CU Boulder students join effort to fight Boulder’s new assault weapon ban

Some pro-Second Amendment college students have joined efforts to fight a new ban on assault weapons in Boulder, Colo.

It’s a city known as a haven for left-wing causes, but right-of-center students who call the region home say the ban is unconstitutional and want it reversed, including a 20-year-old CU Boulder student.

A lead plaintiff to overturn the law, which takes effect in January, is 20-year-old Tyler Faye, a member of the CU Boulder Shooting Sports club. He joined the lawsuit because the city’s new ordinance raises the age for legal firearm ownership from 18 to 21, the Daily Camera reports.

“Boulder is clearly discriminating against students who live within city limits and is preventing us from exercising our constitutionally protected rights,” Faye told The College Fix by email.

“By focusing on age, instead of on criminals, Boulder is preventing law-abiding college students, like myself, from defending themselves and their homes,” he said. “It was important to me to stand up for all of the young adults in Boulder and represent to the country just how wrong this is.”

Faye has support among some of his peers.

“The students most affected by the Boulder City ordinance are the ones on the shooting team, members of gun clubs, and any student who is a legal firearm owner with the city limits. However, it’s not just these students who are having their rights taken away, but all students,” said CU Boulder junior Barrett Barker, a conservative activist, in an email to The College Fix.

In addition to the lawsuit, several college-aged students from the region joined a pro-Second Amendment rally in the city in April. Demonstrators at the protest held signs with messages such as “Gun Free Zones are Sitting Duck Zones” and “My Assault Rifle Self Identifies as a Personal Defense Weapon,” the Daily Camera reports.