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College Republicans at Stanford Denounce Student Who Threatened Campus Zionists

College Republicans at Stanford Denounce Student Who Threatened Campus Zionists

“Threatening to assault other students who hold a different point of view is anathema to a free society and any kind of education”

Here is an update for this story, which we covered in an earlier post. The College Fix reports:

Outrage erupts at Stanford after student leader threatens to ‘physically fight Zionists on campus’

Anger and debate has erupted among Stanford University students after one of their peers, a former student government member and incoming Resident Assistant, posted on his Facebook page that he would “physically fight Zionists on campus.”

“I’m gonna physically fight Zionists on campus next year if someone comes at me with their ‘Israel is democracy bullshit’ :),” student Hamzeh Daoud, a self-described Muslim and third-generation Palestinian refugee, wrote Friday on his Facebook page.

“And after I abolish your ass i’ll go ahead and work every day for the rest of my life to abolish your petty ass ethnosupremacist settler-colonial state,” continued Daoud’s post, which linked to a column published in Haaretz headlined “Jewish nation-state law makes discrimination in Israel constitutional.”

The post was screenshot and spread among Stanford students on social media. Saturday evening, the Stanford College Republicans took to their page to publicly condemn the post.

“SCR is disgusted by a threat of violence issued by Hamzeh Daoud, a rising junior at Stanford University, toward pro-Israel students. Daoud, who is active in Stanford Students for Justice in Palestine, a former ASSU Undergraduate Senator … who will be a Residential Assistant in one of Stanford’s dormitories in the 2018-2019 school year, vowed on his personal Facebook page to ‘physically fight zionists on campus next year.’ Threatening to assault other students who hold a different point of view is anathema to a free society and any kind of education, let alone the operation of the premier research university in the world,” the group’s statement read.


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@Daoud … I think there will be a long line of so called Zionists waiting to take you on … you will not be successful. So … just keep it up …

    rgj in reply to PODKen. | July 26, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    There will not only be Zionists waiting to take on this hatemonger – there are plenty of those who believe in every American’s right to speak and worship freely. This “man” should not be in charge of anything.

3rd generation “refugee”?

After the official inception of Isreal in 1948, more Jews were forcibly exiled from Muslim countries than Muslims voluntarily left (they thought temporarily) to support the Islamic armies goal to kill all the Jews while avoiding collateral damage to non-Jews.

They were of course a bit shocked when – despite superior numbers, equipment, and training – those pesky Jews not only didn’t cooperate, they managed to emerge victorious, making those who obeyed their leaders orders to vacate have a more permanent move than they originally thought.

The exiled Jews mostly moved to Israel where they were welcomed with open arms and became productive citizens of their new nation, making it even stronger.

The exiled Muslims mostly were segregated into camps where their host countries treated them as second class not-even citizens and they became a perpetual drain on those nations resources, upto and including warring on their hosts (Jordan fe).

To this day, most Muslim nations are effectively Juden Frei, and most outlaw or severely restrict non-Muslim faiths.

To this day, many Muslims (who didn’t support the 1948 invasion) live peaceably in Israel as full citizens, and are not only free to practice their own faith, but have kept the religious buildings their ancestors built in the midst of Israel’s most significant historic holy sites, in fact denying Jews full access to Jewish holy sites.

So when idiots like Doud here rant about how evil the existence of ONE Jewish state is, ignoring that it’s surrounded by dozens of Unabashedly Muslim states, I have to snort.

The only way Isreal is The Bad Guy in this conflict is if you have one standard for how Isreal behaves and a much lower ones for how the rest of the Middle East and North Africa behaves. And if you do, you’re nothing but a racist. Either you’re racist against Jews – or your racist because you believe Muslims behaving badly is AOK – or both.

If I met this asshole in college I would have taken him down in an instant.