Here is an update for this story, which we covered in an earlier post. The College Fix reports:

Outrage erupts at Stanford after student leader threatens to ‘physically fight Zionists on campus’

Anger and debate has erupted among Stanford University students after one of their peers, a former student government member and incoming Resident Assistant, posted on his Facebook page that he would “physically fight Zionists on campus.”

“I’m gonna physically fight Zionists on campus next year if someone comes at me with their ‘Israel is democracy bullshit’ :),” student Hamzeh Daoud, a self-described Muslim and third-generation Palestinian refugee, wrote Friday on his Facebook page.

“And after I abolish your ass i’ll go ahead and work every day for the rest of my life to abolish your petty ass ethnosupremacist settler-colonial state,” continued Daoud’s post, which linked to a column published in Haaretz headlined “Jewish nation-state law makes discrimination in Israel constitutional.”

The post was screenshot and spread among Stanford students on social media. Saturday evening, the Stanford College Republicans took to their page to publicly condemn the post.

“SCR is disgusted by a threat of violence issued by Hamzeh Daoud, a rising junior at Stanford University, toward pro-Israel students. Daoud, who is active in Stanford Students for Justice in Palestine, a former ASSU Undergraduate Senator … who will be a Residential Assistant in one of Stanford’s dormitories in the 2018-2019 school year, vowed on his personal Facebook page to ‘physically fight zionists on campus next year.’ Threatening to assault other students who hold a different point of view is anathema to a free society and any kind of education, let alone the operation of the premier research university in the world,” the group’s statement read.