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Branco Cartoon – Leap of Faith

Branco Cartoon – Leap of Faith

good luck with that

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smalltownoklahoman | July 23, 2018 at 7:20 am

Not shown in picture: lots and lots of sharp pointy rocks at the bottom of that cliff.

Another great one Mr. Branco!

Socialism is chimerical. I get it. Love this one… TY.

give me powerrrr!!

But…they’re the right people, this time!


Couldn’t help but think of Homer Simpson as he makes the attempt to go over Springfield Gorge on a skateboard,

After the horrible example of the Twentieth Century, there is no longer an honest excuse for advocating socialism.

Didn’t two mommies and their 6 adopted “virtue signals” already try this move?

Great ‘toon. All that I would add is a phantom pot of gold, hovering in the air, at the end of the rainbow. Symbolizing Leftists’ perpetual and idiotic belief that socialism leads to a prosperous workers’ Utopia.

kenoshamarge | July 23, 2018 at 12:30 pm

Great Cartoon as always! I suspect many Dems are hating the Socialist takeover of their party but cannot now control the mob they set in motion. Karma?


I’m afraid you misspelled the slogan.

Fork the People

I would have loved seeing a couple of skeet shooters in the bottom of the panel…blasting away!

I had a friend once who had a pet donkey that was getting to be very troublesome. Guests arrived one Friday afternoon and the following Saturday they had a big open pit BBQ made with mystery meat. I wonder if…