It’s hard to believe, but my first post here at Legal Insurrection was on June 5, 2013. Naturally, it was a post covering the murder trial of George Zimmerman, after Professor Jacobson noticed some of my comments on his own posts and kindly invited me to contribute to the site.

I ended up watching every moment of the trial and reviewing every piece of evidence, and wrote about the trial and surrounding events rather extensively.

(Defense attorney Mark O’Mara during Zimmerman trial)

Over the intervening five-plus years I’ve heard from perhaps hundreds of people that they first became aware of Legal Insurrection as a result of my posts covering that trial, and had remained followers ever since. It’s always very humbling.

Today, the Professor has again extended a very kind invitation to me, as I try something new at Law of Self Defense … our first-ever group funding effort. Specifically, we’re group funding my prospective expert review of the “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story” documentary produced by Jay-Z and Trayvon Martin’s parents, amongst others.

The six-episode documentary starts tonight, and although it’s theoretically possible it will be a truthful telling of the events surrounding Trayvon’s death and the trial of George Zimmerman that followed, my expectations for that are relatively low (/sarc). Hence the interest in a critique by someone with the legal expertise and personal knowledge to separate truth from propaganda, myths, and outright lies–yours truly.

For relatively modest contributions starting as low as $10 we’re offering a legal review of each episode in vide and audio formats, a written review of each episode in PDF form, and a compiled printed-and-bound book-type compilation of all six episodes with a personalized autograph from me. Our funding goal for a definite “GO” on this project is $1,000, and we’re most of the way there already ($792 as I write this!), but we’ll continue to make the review content available to more donors even above and beyond the project goal (naturally).

So, if this sounds at all interesting, you can learn a lot more of the details, and perhaps even become a funder of our efforts, here:

Thanks for all your support, and a particular thanks to Professor Jacobson for his ongoing kindness and generosity.


Attorney Andrew F. Branca
Law of Self Defense LLC

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Update [AFB]: Holy cow, we blew through our initial fundraising goal of $1,000 less than two hours after first launching the campaign. That makes this project a definite “GO.” Thanks, folks, your ongoing support is truly humbling. Of course, I’m not one to sit on my laurels, so we’ve added a “stretch funding goal.”  If we hit $10,000 in total funding we’ll produce a DVD of our video critique/review of the documentary, so folks can have a physical video product.  Our $30 contributors will get the DVD for free, $20 contributors for an additional $10, etc. Non-funders will pay the list price of $50, by current plans.)


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