This just reinforces the false belief by many that activism is the point of attending college.

The College Fix reports:

Public university’s ‘gay cultural studies’ gives academic credit for LGBT community activism

A public university in Virginia offers students an academic program of “gay cultural studies,” a course of instruction that promotes research and “community involvement” regarding LGBT issues.

The Gay Cultural Studies program at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia “focuses on the contributions, concerns, and challenges associated with LGBT culture,” according to the university’s website. The program is supported by “fundraising and public awareness of issues germane to the diverse and vibrant LGBT community in Hampton Rhodes,” where the university is located.

According to the site, the program “promotes academic research and provides graduate and undergraduate educational opportunities.” The program also seeks to “engage the local Hampton Roads LGBT community through ongoing dialogue and community involvement.”

It is unclear at what stage of the process the program’s development currently stands. The website lists several ways students can “get involved” with Gay Cultural Studies, including “Attend events sponsored by ODU Gay Cultural Studies and spread the word to interested friends and colleagues” and “Join the ODU Gay Cultural Studies Advisory Board.” However, the site also states that the school’s Gay Cultural Studies Advisory Council is in the process of “establishing” the program, leaving its current state uncertain.