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WATCH: Overly-Woke Support Group

WATCH: Overly-Woke Support Group

“This support group is for people so woke, that they are finding it impossible to have any fun at all.”

This sketch by Tracey Ullman at BBC Comedy is one of the best things I’ve seen in awhile.

Ullman plays the leader of the Overly-Woke Support Group, a group of people so woke, they’ve found it impossible to enjoy life.

“All of the young people in this room are ruining their lives by being overly virtuous,” Ullman says, introducing a new participant to the rest of the group. “One minute you’re carrying a reusable water bottle, fine. And the next minute you’re arguing water is racist.”

WARNING: Ending contains graphic, but necessary language.

Overly-Woke Support Group from xichael on Vimeo.

It’s funny because it’s true. Sad, but true.


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Well … it might be humorous … were it not a vehicle for Leftoid caricatures of Rightism. “Poor people don’t ‘deserve’ benefits” … just mere clumsy propaganda.

    DaveGinOly in reply to tom_swift. | June 29, 2018 at 3:48 pm

    tom – she’s supposed to be a liberal helping the overly-woke to cope. By showing that liberals hold views like that about conservatives she’s actually mocking liberals for being so foolish as to believe such things.

I think that is part of the humor, ridiculing the lefts perception of the right.

Close The Fed | June 29, 2018 at 3:59 pm

Good stuff!!! Thank you!!!!
Where has she been by the way? Haven’t seen her in years. Guess I’m just not plugged in.

Close The Fed | June 29, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Oh, also, by the way, I posted it on and gave LI a H/T.
I didn’t find L.I. there. Is anyone here there?
I’m there under “Close The Fed.”

Heh, The reaction of “is water racist” is just about spot on these days. Someone of their group states something and they all jump on… like the Harry Potter books not having any LGBTWXYZLMNOP and whatever other sexual incongruity they will add next (almost impossible to keep up as they keep adding to the list), it covers the liberal mindset very well.

When they start working and paying ever more taxes they start questioning why are we paying all these programs for those not working, it is the true progression a lot go through, looking at their shrinking paychecks makes them have a tougher time feeling virtuous for having the government give out free stuff. Yeah, it’s a bit of a swipe at the right, but this is far more about the left. Woke though? I’m thinking “I’m only sleeping” should be more their speed.


I laughed my butt off over this video. BRAVO, Tracy.

That’s almost as good as the anti-Tammy Baldwin video ad running in the lower right corner of my LI page. More comedy to close out another of the Left’s most horrible, rotten, no good weeks ever. Miller time!

Woke, but sleepy. Classic.

I find the word “hobnob” very offensive.

Fuck of Jamie.

This reminds me of the black hole… whore incident. Very profitable… I mean, offensive.

I hate having to look up hipster slang. I’m a 60+ year old former Rhode Islander and “woke” is what you did when the alarm went off. When the hell are these hipsters going to grow up? Cute wittle wordie words are for infants and puppies.

I’ll watch the video now that I am woke to the issues. (WTF?)