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Vanderbilt U. Medical Center Lets Go of Trump Twitter Lawsuit ‘Winner’

Vanderbilt U. Medical Center Lets Go of Trump Twitter Lawsuit ‘Winner’

“the mother of a patient under his care had complained”

The school says they dismissed him over performance issues. Maybe he should have focused more on his official duties.

The College Fix reports:

Trump Twitter lawsuit ‘winner’ officially let go from Vanderbilt U. Medical Center

One of the plaintiffs in the President Trump Twitter “block” case has been let go from his gig at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Eugene Gu had been on paid leave since posting a picture on Twitter of himself kneeling with a raised fist — in protest against “white supremacy” — and the mother of a patient under his care had complained.

According to The (Duke) Chronicle, the VUMC cited “performance issues” in its decision not renew Gu’s contract.

A letter to Gu from VUMC General Counsel Michael Regier cites his “lack of sufficient improvement in performance and conduct in key areas” and notes “the most ‘significant areas of concern were ‘patient care, communication, and medical knowledge.’”

Gu alleges he dealt with a hostile work environment after VUMC “pinned” a tweet of its response to The Chronicle’s investigation into the kneeling incident.


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Gremlin1974 | June 4, 2018 at 6:33 pm

Apparently “doctor” was stretching the truth a bit, lol.

Close The Fed | June 4, 2018 at 6:58 pm

Folks in the U.S.A. complaining now about racism, are living a life that our forefathers couldn’t have even imagined, much less tasted.

“White supremacy” while he practices medicine? What boot was on his neck? He wasn’t in the hold of a 17th century ship, he wasn’t chained to anything, he’s living in air-conditioned, wifi-comfort.

The better people have it, the more they complain. And this is fact.

    “White supremacy” while he practices medicine?”

    I doubt he really believes this. He”s using it as a prop to boost his self-esteem. So he doesn’t seem like a such a jerk loser when he faces his mirror every day.

    Ie. “Maybe I DID make a move on the baby sitter, bit I BELIEVE in world peace, so I can’t be a total douche, right?”

As usual, the more they Virtue Signal the closer you need to look at how they are failing in their daily lives.

I’ll wager that a common thread amoung these proslytizers is that, like Global Warming Cultists, they don’t have an organized religion. So they praise themselves instead of God, and make all kinds of other amateur spiritual mistakes.

Not my own thoughts, C.S. Lewis was a very wise man. I was simply wise enough to listen and learn from him.

Virtue signaling for fun and profit

harleycowboy | June 6, 2018 at 10:25 am

“Performance issues.” You won’t be getting a job after a review like that. So the next best thing is to go full SJW and claim the dismissal was because of politics.