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USC Study Finds Film Critics Are Too White and Male

USC Study Finds Film Critics Are Too White and Male

“study looked at reviews from the site Rotten Tomatoes”

White men are the only group in society that the left is comfortable framing in this way.

The College Fix reports:

USC study: Film critics are too white, too male

The University of Southern California’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative Research Lab has been busy dissecting the demographics of the film critic industry, and the results are shocking — SHOCKING, I tell you — especially if you’re a progressive and/or in academia.

The Lab’s “Critic’s Choice?” study looked at reviews from the site Rotten Tomatoes of the top-grossing films of 2017 “tallying the gender, race and ethnicity of critics.” And (ready?) an “overwhelming” percentage — 77.8 percent — were written by men. The percentage of white people writing reviews was even higher: eighty-two.

Worse still, critics who are male and white put out 64 percent of total reviews.

“The very individuals who are attuned to the under and misrepresentation of females on screen and behind the camera are often left out of the conversation and critiques,” said report author Stacy Smith, USC professor of communication and founder of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative.

The Daily Trojan reports the study also “discovered” that the “most valuable” movie reviews were those written by white men. Lead author of the study Marc Choueiti said these reviews “were more pronounced than females and minorities.”


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