Someone said that someone said that the student said something. Does that sound like a fair reason for suspension?

The College Fix reports:

University suspends student after ‘some people said that other people said that she said offensive things’

Testimony was almost exclusively hearsay; student maintains her innocence

The University of Denver recently suspended a freshman student for fall quarter 2018 for having allegedly used several slurs frequently in everyday conversation, with the school saying that the behavior violated its harassment policy by creating “a hostile environment of divisiveness and disrespect.”

The student, meanwhile, has denied any wrongdoing in the matter, and a campus watchdog group has raised serious concerns about the university’s approach to the controversy.

Addison Puffer, an outspoken conservative and student government senator, claims that her suspension is unjust since most of the evidence against her is based on hearsay, and other individuals in a similar situation received warnings and were not suspended. She said she believes the claims against her stem from her outspoken conservative views.

The College Fix has corresponded with Puffer extensively about the matter, and has reviewed the entire investigation report, along with appeal documents.

The Fix also reached out to several officials who were directly involved in the investigation to set up interviews. Lili Rodriguez, University of Denver’s vice chancellor, replied for all of them: “As I hope you can appreciate, we respect the privacy of our students and do not comment on student matters. We are ethically and legally bound to protect that privacy.”