What a colossal waste of time and money. By the time these undergrads are finished with school, the political landscape may have shifted again and the #Resistance will be obsolete.

The Daily Caller reports:

University Anti-Capitalism ‘Resistance’ Program Protests ‘Racist’ Trump Rhetoric

The University of Massachusetts will continue to offer “Resistance Studies” courses this fall, with curriculum focusing on the protest of “military occupation, capitalism, campaign strategies” and the patriarchy, according to the university website.

The courses are part of the Resistance Studies Initiative to create social change.

While the program clearly encourages nonviolent, unarmed protest, it takes a blatant anti-capitalist stance. Its broad mission challenges “capitalism’s exploitative practices … the status quo’s discursive truth-regimes and normative orders, and sociocultural patriarchal hierarchies of gender, race, status, caste, and taste.”

Claiming to be “the first of its kind anywhere in the world,” the initiative defines its resistance courses as a “liberationist social science” encouraging activists to employ “mass protest” and “civil disobedience.”

A previous course in the program, “Civil Resistance and Social Change,” describes how protests have led to the overthrow of racist government and focuses on “color power” and “unarmed insurrection,” according to an online syllabus.


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