More and more Republican officials are taking steps to protect campus free speech. It’s great.

The Washington Examiner reports:

University of West Florida updates free speech policies after Gov. Rick Scott signs free speech law

The University of West Florida, a public university in Pensacola, Fla., recently updated its speech code policies to reflect a higher education bill that was signed by Gov. Rick Scott in March. This new law prohibits public colleges and universities in Florida from limiting student expression into small, misleadingly labeled “free speech zones.”

University of West Florida’s new policy shows a commitment to protecting students’ First Amendment rights on campus by removing free-speech zones and no longer requiring students to register their events with the university before they occur.

The updated policy also states the university may issue some restrictions on time, place, and manner of events, but “enforcement will be content neutral.”

“This is a victory for liberty and the Constitution,” Blade Handler, Young Americans for Liberty chapter president at University of West Florida, told Red Alert Politics. “Victories like this will provide the momentum to help make liberty win everywhere.”

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