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U. Michigan Prof Complains the Green Movement is Too White and Male

U. Michigan Prof Complains the Green Movement is Too White and Male

“this is a problem”

Nothing will ever be good enough for the left. Even if they get their way, they will find too many of one group and not enough of another.

Campus Reform reports:

Prof criticizes green movement for being too white, male

Yale University recently touted a new study on the “troubling lack of racial diversity in major U.S. environmental organizations.”

In an interview titled “How Green Groups Became So White and What to Do About It,” Yale alumnus and University of Michigan sociology professor Dr. Dorceta Taylor explains how the “conservation movement must transform itself to become more inclusive and effective.”

Taylor expressed concern at the lack of action in response to her 2014 report on “The State of Diversity in Environmental Organizations,” which “focuses primarily on gender, racial, and class diversity in these institutions as it pertains to the demographic characteristics of their boards and staff.”

Since then, she has published a new study showing that fewer institutions are now voluntarily reporting their diversity statistics, while among those that do, the percentage of nonwhite staff members has remained low.

Specifically, Taylor emphasized her finding that environmental organizations are mostly made up of white men, why this is a problem, and what these organizations should do about it.

“We can look at all the white males that occupy the leadership positions of the various environmental organizations, and some don’t even have environmental degrees, yet they occupy these positions and they’re very well paid,” Taylor told Yale Environment 360.

According to Taylor, one thing that green organizations should be doing is to simply “stop being so afraid of people of color. Meet them, interact with them, cultivate them, identify students early, and start recruiting them.”


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I do not believe that my mountaineering club in Portland, OR, has a single black member out of 3000 people. About the closest would be Louis, my old climbing partner, who is Italian. It might be a fun exercise to go after GreenPeace for a lack of diversity. Wow, the sky just got bluer. 😉