Does anyone outside of this academic field use these terms or even know what they mean?

Campus Reform reports:

‘Transgender handouts’ examine ‘Gender-Normative Privilege’

The Stonewall Center at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst is offering informational handouts to guide students through topics such as “Gender-Normative Privilege.”

The Stonewall Center, which is the “LGBTQIA+ Resource Center” on campus, offers a series of twelve “handouts” on its website aimed at teaching students about transgender issues, including “Transgender Terminology,” “How to Be an Ally to Transgender People,” “Transgender Films,” and more.

A primer on Gender-Normative Privilege, for instance, provides a checklist students can use to identify “if I am gender normative (or, in some cases, simply perceived as gender normative).”

Some of the indications that one is gender normative include the ability to “purchase shoes that fit my gender expression without having to order them in special sizes or asking someone to custom-make them,” being able to use the showers at a gym or public pool, and not being “expected to constantly defend my medical decisions.”

A “Transgender Terminology” handout, meanwhile, features a glossary of terms for students to study, such as “MTF Individuals,” which is defined as “Male-to-female transsexual people, transsexual women, or trans women—individuals assigned male at birth who identify as female.”

Likewise, the school defines phrases such as “Cisgender Privilege,” “Two Spirit People,” “Genderqueer Individuals,” and “Gender Affirming Surgery.”