Having failed to get the statue of Thomas Jefferson removed from campus, student activists have moved on to other projects.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Hofstra students demand ‘all-gender locker room’

In the wake of a widespread push to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson from campus, several Hofstra University student organizations have banded together in order to demand an “all-gender locker room” for the school’s fitness center.

The tweet is coupled with an infographic which reads: “MAKE THE FITNESS CENTER GENDER-INCLUSIVE,” with a picture depicting an individual pushing two restroom doors labeled “male” and “female.” Under the female label is the caption “Get Yelled At,” while the caption “Get Beat Up” resides under the male label.

“Gendered spaces like locker rooms or showers can be scary or even dangerous for trans or gender-nonconforming individuals who don’t meet society’s expectations of gender. Support the campaign to have an all-gender locker room constructed in Hofstra’s David S. Mack Fitness Center by filling out a quick form!” the infographic concludes, declaring “Fitness has ‘NO GENDER!’”

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