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Student Activists at Univ. of Chicago Demand Campus Police be Disarmed

Student Activists at Univ. of Chicago Demand Campus Police be Disarmed

“the availability of firearms and tasers has repeatedly led to the excessive use of violence against individuals”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard this demand on a college campus. It’s an illogical idea. Unarmed police are unable to protect anyone.

The College Fix reports:

University of Chicago students demand campus police be disarmed

A group of student activists at the University of Chicago are demanding that the campus police be disarmed, saying in a list of demands that “the availability of firearms and tasers has repeatedly led to the excessive use of violence against individuals.”

At a recent protest, they held signs declaring “UofC kills.”

Yet there has reportedly been only one officer-involved shooting at the institution in over 30 years. In that case, the April 2018 shooting occurred after a student allegedly dealing with mental issues charged a police officer with a metal pole, according to body cam footage. The student, Charles Thomas, was shot once in the shoulder. Now he faces assault and property damage charges.

But on June 1, nearly 100 student protesters marched on campus, interrupting Alumni Weekend celebrations to demand that campus police be disarmed and calling for better mental health services, according to the Chicago Maroon campus newspaper.

They cited the Thomas case to back up their allegations of “UCPD brutality.”


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Is It unusual that kids in their late teens, early twenties are idiots? I know I was an absolute moron. Fortunately most of them grow out of it and the rest become democrats.

Fine. The neighborhood to the west and south of the UC campus is filled with opportunists who would love to do their Apple picking without the inconvenience of a Red Line ride into downtown. A few flash mobs in the dorms and they will be crying for police.

nordic_prince | June 23, 2018 at 1:45 pm

South Side of $#!+cago – yeah, that’s a BRILLIANT idea. Must have come from all those idiot savants at U of C (emphasis on IDIOTS).

What could possibly go wrong?

“Unarmed police are unable to protect anyone”

I think that’s the point. Antifa wouldn’t want the campus police getting in the way of a righteous beatdown of an evil non-progressive.

I can hardly stop laughing.
As p1cunnin points out the University is ( and has been for a long time ) bordered by some of the nastiest neighborhoods in Chicago.
The history of the UoC police department is that sometime in the 50s or 60s a student was either raped or murdered from someone from one of it’s neighborhoods. The outcry was so great the UoC was going to move out of Chicago.

The compromise was that the University was allowed to create it’s own police department, which became the third largest police department in the state. Though I don’t know if still is.

Remove the guns and the cops will leave. I would not want to be a cop there without a gun. They won’t be replaced. After that the students will discover just how important those guns were. If the University ever recovers, then very likely it will take at least a decade.

harleycowboy | June 25, 2018 at 9:21 am

For decades the English Bobbies never carried a gun because people respected them. Now the Bobbies are asking to be allowed to carry guns due to the increase of violence against them.