The school says it supports free speech but requires planning and filing the appropriate paperwork to enjoy it.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Code Yellow: Coastal Carolina University restricts spontaneous free speech

Coastal Carolina University, a public college in Conway, S.C., holds a yellow light rating, according to a campus free speech rating system belonging to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

A “yellow light” institution is one “whose policies restrict a more limited amount of protected expression or, by virtue of their vague wording, could too easily be used to restrict protected expression.”

Coastal Carolina University’s Free Speech and Solicitation Policy both affirms and restricts students’ free speech at the same time.

It states, “Coastal Carolina University is dedicated to the constitutional principles of free expression, free assembly and the right to petition the government for redress of grievances, and recognizes and supports the rights of its members to these traditional freedoms.”

But the remainder of the policy contradicts, explaining that students are required to file an event registration form that includes the desired date, time, and place of all upcoming events. The policy also recommends that students contact the Office of Student Life for review of the requested event.