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Speaker at Princeton Uses Keynote to Bash Trump

Speaker at Princeton Uses Keynote to Bash Trump

“an emerging and troublesome climate of democracy and distrust”

This type of thing is already overdone and boring. We get it, you’re mad that Trump won.

Campus Reform reports:

Princeton speaker delivers anti-Trump rant during keynote

The keynote speaker at Princeton University’s baccalaureate service took aim at President Trump during his speech, implying that the administration espouses “poisonous rhetoric.”

Puerto Rican politician Eduardo Bhatia, who graduated from the university in 1986, delivered the main address at the pre-graduation service on June 3, implying that the Trump administration is responsible for fostering a harmful political environment in America.

According to the transcript of Bhatia’s prepared remarks published by the university, the speaker began his address by praising Princeton’s Honor Code, which he claims was designed to “confront an old and dangerous disease” that is “making its return with a vengeance: the culture of institutional lies; what is now called ‘alternative facts.’”

Referring to the anti-racist theme of Martin Luther King’s famous 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech, Bhatia argued that “more than 50 years later, the opposite notion seems to be resurging in today’s United States.”

When reflecting on mistakes of other countries, Bhatia also argued that “an emerging and troublesome climate of democracy and distrust seems to be brewing right here in the United States.”

“It is a very simple concept: you cannot have a democratic form of government if citizens distrust each other and if dishonesty is a form of life,” he added. “Believe me, what is happening is not good. Political discourse is losing contact with reality.”

“When we let public speech be dominated by discrimination, factionalism, fanaticism, authoritarianism, demonizing the other, cult of personality, religious intolerance,” he continued, “the consequences are nefarious.”


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