A new narrative is taking form among liberals and never-Trump Republicans. According to them, the GOP is becoming a Trump cult. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee is one of the latest to push this ridiculous idea.

Rush Limbaugh is having none of it. FOX and Friends recently highlighted a clip from Rush’s show where he addressed the issue. Kristine Marsh reports at NewsBusters:

Limbaugh Calls Out Media’s Double Standard on Presidential ‘Cults’ on Fox & Friends

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh blasted NeverTrump Republicans and the media that aids them on his radio program, Wednesday. Fox and Friends picked up the clip of Limbaugh taking down Tennessee Senator Bob Corker and the media that praised his words, after he smeared Republicans who supported Trump as part of a “cult.” Limbaugh called out several media outlets as elitists who lazily dismiss those they don’t agree with, wondering why they didn’t say the same thing about Democrats when Obama was in office…

LIMBAUGH: Senator Corker, this isn’t a cult by any stretch of the imagination. Donald Trump does not have a Svengali hold on these people. In fact, Senator, if you want to know the truth, Donald Trump is not the cause of all this. Donald Trump is the beneficiary. Donald Trump had the ability to understand where a majority of Republican voters were and what they were thinking and how fed up they were about certain things, and Donald Trump came along, and he spoke their language. He validated what they were thinking, and he has become their champion, because nobody else in your party stepped up!

Watch the video below:

If you watched that clip to the end, you heard Brian Kilmeade ask where the concern was about cults when Obama was president. I recently made the same point on Twitter:

Maybe the Democrats can get back to us when little children start singing songs about Trump.

Featured image via NewsBusters video.


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