Wednesday afternoon, Justice Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court bench, effective July 31. Appointed to the Supreme Court by President Reagan in 1988, Kennedy has largely served as the court’s swing vote, but has consistently sided with free speech.

Kennedy’s retirement ensures the upcoming midterms will be all kinds of extra.

Republicans are dancing in the streets (or their homes in front of their computers while they blog, not that I’d know anything about that), celebrating the opportunity to install another Supreme Court Justice.

Democrats are not doing so well with the news. After a round of SCOTUS decisions that favored law over ignorant emotional reactivity, Kennedy’s retirement is salt in a festering wound.

And so, a roundup of initial reactions:


The DNC committee upon hearing the news:



A top legal writer for left-wing rag, Think Progress:

How will we live if we can’t kill all the children!

“Bipartisan. What does it even mean?”

“But it’s an election year!”

Well, yes, but it’s not a presidential election year, so, no dice.

Democrats hoping people are dumb enough not to notice a presidential election is quite different from midterms:

Just a reminder to anyone suggesting Congress wait until the next legislature is sworn in to begin confirmation hearings on the next SCOTUS justice, the current legislature is just as much “the people’s voice” as the next.

History and stuff:

Kochtopus, attack!

He says this like it’s a bad thing:

When satire collides with reality


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