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Princeton Group Seeks to Make Men ‘Tremendously Vulnerable’

Princeton Group Seeks to Make Men ‘Tremendously Vulnerable’

“We can’t dismantle the institutional privilege that men enjoy if we’re not willing to ask hard questions”

The war on supposedly toxic masculinity continues apace.

Campus Reform reports:

Princeton group aims to make men ‘tremendously vulnerable’

Princeton University officials are encouraging male students to join a bi-weekly discussion group that aims to make them “tremendously vulnerable.”

Led by licensed psychologist Jean Semelfort, The Men’s Allied Voices for a Respectful & Inclusive Community (MAVRIC) Project recruits male-identified students to help them resist “traditional gender norms” and cultivate a more “healthy masculinity.”

“We as men can unpack our own internalized ideas about what it means to be a man,” writes Carl Adair, the Princeton English professor who runs the blog for the MAVRIC Project, who also asserts that “We can’t dismantle the institutional privilege that men enjoy if we’re not willing to ask hard questions of ourselves about the privilege we’ve been granted in our own lives.”

“We’re asking ourselves to be tremendously vulnerable—which runs against the grain of everything men are taught,” he adds.

School officials said that the project has been active since 2013, but only within the past two years has it established an online presence. Now, in addition to the discussion group, the project maintains an active Facebook page, a reflection blog, and hosts invited speakers.

The school outlines its philosophy on masculinity in a page on its “UMatter” website, which also features a recruitment appeal for MAVRIC.

“Think about a term like guy code: it refers to the unspoken rules that men are ‘supposed’ to follow,” the post warns, citing behavior such as “being the breadwinner” and “not showing weakness” as harmful stereotypical male behavior.


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“Think about a term like guy code”

You mean the code that caused a guy to use his *body* to plug a hole torn into the aircraft so all those people wouldn’t die?

Or the code that had the outgoing firefighters shift racing against the incoming shift to get to the towers and run INTO the fires to save lives?

Tell ya what, next Titantic, we’ll just toss all the feminists overboard as we jostle for the lifeboats.

Men need a code. Every time you take away that code you wind up with packs of feral beasts raping and pillaging, and the “equality” clock gets reset back to zero again.

It is mighty generous of him to ask others to voluntarily give up their advantages, but then, that IS the liberal way.