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Mark Levin: There was Collusion in 2016 – Between the FBI and the Media

Mark Levin: There was Collusion in 2016 – Between the FBI and the Media

“They interfered with this presidential election worse than the Russian could say have ever dreamed of.”

Mark Levin was on the Sean Hannity show on Thursday night, where he offered a scathing analysis of the Department Of Justice’s IG report. He notes several key points.

Levin points out that all of the political bias goes in only one direction. He also talks about real collusion, between the FBI and members of the media.

Here’s a partial transcript via Real Clear Politics:

MARK LEVIN: I went through this major report here, I see several things. Number one, out of all the texts, all the documents, all the emails that have been reviewed. You know what’s interesting, Sean? There is not a single pro-Trump text. There’s not a single anti-Hillary text. There’s not a single pro-Trump senior FBI official. There’s not a single anti-Hillary FBI official. This was a cabal. And what these people had as their purpose, to interfere with a presidential election.

They interfered with this presidential election worse than the Russian could say have ever dreamed of. And I am no fan of Vladimir Putin and the Russians. Let me tell you that.

James Comey’s FBI, there was collusion. The media in this report appalling — giving gifts and tickets to sporting events and golf outings in exchange, apparently, for leaks. You have a culture of leaks at the FBI. The buck stops with Comey. This is Comey. Comey disgraced. McCabe, criminal referrals. Have you ever heard of an FBI like this? You have obstruction.

Watch the whole segment below:

Kelly Cohen of the Washington Examiner has more details on the media’s involvement with the FBI:

Dozens of FBI agents violating policy by schmoozing with the press: IG report

So many FBI officials are talking to the press and attending “social events” with the media that it’s impossible to say who might have leaked confidential information to the media during the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private emails, according to a report from the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General.

That report said the IG has “profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel that we have uncovered during our review.”…

The IG also found social interactions between FBI personnel and journalists that “were, at a minimum, inconsistent with FBI policy and Department ethics rules.”

“[W]e identified instances where FBI employees received tickets to sporting events from journalists, went on golfing outings with media representatives, were treated to drinks and meals after work by reporters, and were the guests of journalists at nonpublic social events.”

Levin has published a few tweets on this as well:

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Six more months of delay and the current congress, all of its committees and all of its investigations vaporize. The bureaucrats in the DOJ and the FBI and and the judges in the FISA courts all return to business as normal. Prosecutors will continue to use extortion to extract confessions from otherwise innocent people.

The rule of men is upon us, the DOJ is exercising power beyond that of the President and our congress, who hasn’t managed to pass a budget in over ten years, can’t manage its oversight function either.

1. What should happen next?
2. What WILL happen next?

I heard the FBI will have ethics “training.” This is not ignorance. This is moral failure. Is this treason?

My estimate is about 10% of the FBI should be in prison, 25% fired, and new leadership from the outside, like local or state PDs.

The FBI/DOJ activities, in support of HRC and against DJT, are only part of this mess. There were equally outrageous activities on the part of intelligence agencies, most notably the CIA. It is possible that the courts, in the person of the FISA court, were also involved. And, with this level of activity, it is virtually impossible for the WH to be unaware of it, up to and including the President.

The problem is that the federal government was so deeply involved in this, that the remaining partisans can not allow anything to be done about it. Their cries of this never happened have now changed to only a few people were involved and Comey was the ringleader. The government is never going to do anything about this. A few scapegoats may be hung out to dry, but the existing federal government can not afford to actually address this problem or it would wipe itself out. And, the news media upholds the actions of the federal government and refuses to perform its watchdog function. There is literally no one for the citizenry to turn to. The people of this country are going to have to be the ones who correct it. I do not know how that will be accomplished or how it will turn out.

    Matt_SE in reply to Mac45. | June 16, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    “It is possible that the courts, in the person of the FISA court, were also involved.”
    At least one rumor online (currently unconfirmed) is that Strzok hosted a cocktail party with strippers for the judge who granted the FISA warrant in the Carter Page case.

      Mac45 in reply to Matt_SE. | June 16, 2018 at 4:09 pm

      Apparently, according to Strzok’s texts, he was acquainted with, or a friend of, one of the FISA judges, Rudolph Contreras, who was later the judge who accepted Flynn’s guilty plea.

What must not be overlooked is that the abuses documented in the Inspector General’s report occurred under the Obama administration while Loretta Lynch was his Attorney General. President Obama and his acolytes can no longer claim that his administration was free of corruption. Why hasn’t the media sought a comment from President Obama about the Inspector General’s findings?

Reading the most recent article by Andrew McCarthy at NRO:
you quickly come to the conclusion that there’s a general culture of lawlessness at the FBI.
A second point of note is how the media is always intimately wrapped up in these scandals, instigating and fueling them.

…that there’s a general culture of lawlessness at the FBI.

I agree with this; in fact the FBI, at least as personified by James Comey and to a lesser extent by Strzok and Page, espouse a righteousness about their failures to operate within the law. They really do seem to believe that their ‘higher loyalty’ is beneficial to the world and very heroic on their part.

National Review has some decent writers. OT, but here is a good read on separation of minors from their mothers.

FBIgate is every bit as bad as was Watergate. In both instances, encumbent administrations used their executive powers to persecute their political opponents and to go easy on their politcal allies. The House and Senate should commence hearings on Inspector General Horowitz’s report with the view of enacting legislation to prevent further occurences of FBI and DOJ abuses from happening. Moreover, Attorney General Sessions should consider appointing a Special Counsel à la Robert Mueller to reopen the Hillary Clinton Servergate investigation to determine whether there are bona fide grounds to criminally charge her.

    Matt_SE in reply to Guahan. | June 16, 2018 at 11:13 pm

    “FBIgate is every bit as bad as was Watergate.”
    IMO, FBIgate is much, much worse. Nixon’s “fixers” were a small group of burglars. In the more recent case, the power of a federal agency has been used (again!) to persecute political enemies.

President Obama graduated from Harvard Law School where he served as Editor in Chief of the Law Review. Thereafter, he taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School. For a President of such a pedigree to have allowed the abuses documented in the Inspector General’s report to occur during his administration is damning. The question that needs to be asked now is what did President Obama know and when did he know it.

    oldgoat36 in reply to Guahan. | June 16, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    While Obama was given these various positions, it seems strange that so little is known about any of his writings. His view of the Constitution seems to have been that it is wrong, that it is a horrible document that should be re-written, which I believe was part of his goal in how everything under him went.

    Why are Obama’s school records sealed, yet we are told it was so stellar? Where is the proof? Why is it that so few who were in the same schools at the time he was there had little to no recollection of him?

    Remember, Obama got into the Senate through underhanded means of getting sealed documents of his opponent to be released to the public. The man was set up for many things for which he posed, yet even his book was ghost written.

    He was bragging that he was going to President years before he was even in elected office. That isn’t normal. And his time in office showed his disregard for the Constitution over and over, which seems odd for a Constitutional associate professor. The man just doesn’t add up right. It really isn’t surprising then that all this came under his watch.

      randian in reply to oldgoat36. | June 17, 2018 at 1:34 am

      “Why are Obama’s school records sealed, yet we are told it was so stellar? Why is it that so few who were in the same schools at the time he was there had little to no recollection of him? He was bragging that he was going to be President years before he was even in elected office. That isn’t normal.”

      This makes sense if you go full conspiracy theory: his entire background is fake and he’s a long-term spy/agent much like the KGB was reputed to have done with agents trained in Potemkin Villages. You seal the records because the records don’t really exist. Bragging is simply a failure of operational secrecy.

      Him being a long-term spy for the Muslim Brotherhood or a Muslim government is entirely consistent with what he did and said while in office.

      Sure, somebody is putting his name on the law review but he isn’t writing articles for it and the other writers and editors have difficulty remembering him because he was never there and they don’t want to seem like idiots for not remembering our lord and savior, Barack Obama.

      Yes I know this veers into the crazy but what we know (which when you actually look at it isn’t much) isn’t inconsistent with it, which is disturbing.

I see malfeasance having been done all over the place with the FBI, Comey, the DOJ and to a lesser extent at least as far I have read so far – the CIA, all playing starring roles. I think the culture of the FBI has always been such to where they believe they are above any other law enforcement, and act that way. Local law enforcement don’t like being forced to work “with” the FBI, and while they do bring to bear a lot of toys that help in investigations, it seems politics has played a big role in their ranks.

I am convinced that Hillary has far too much information on key people in the FBI (still) from the Filegate days, and I would expect that she and Bill were able to leverage further secrets from them through that information.

I don’t condemn all the FBI, but the top people need to be culled, even if it is at the expense of institutional knowledge and talents that are able to be used in investigations. I feel as though they are tainted fruit. The same with far too many in the DOJ.

Some jobs in the DOJ were moved to the “protected” type jobs before Obama left office. All of those people should be demoted, given far lesser roles and paychecks cut commensurate with the demotions. This is how some businesses deal with getting rid of people in union protected or otherwise protected status type jobs. Reorganization of the departments can facilitate this, and while it won’t rid the agencies of all, it will help decrease their numbers.

I am really puzzled over Sessions and his too many times of non-action. Rumors are there are “thousands” of sealed indictments, yet if this is true, why have they just been collecting dust? If it is not true, which at this point is the way I am leaning, why aren’t there? I know the wheels of justice can turn slowly, but this seems to be more about playing out the clock than it has to do with dotting “I”‘s and crossing “T”‘s.

All these investigations which have been showing to be problematic, lies and inconsistencies abundant, yet not a single charge from any of them. So many instances of collusion from the Hillary camp with Russian actors and yet Herr Mueller (who I believe is acting as part of the cover up) is over stepping his authority, and has been from the start, focused solely on Trump and those surrounding him, and not one thing on Hillary?

Something had better start breaking soon. Indictments should be brought out, and Mueller’s “investigation” ended.

AG Sessions could be a real American hero here if he were to fire Mueller, fire Rosenstein, fire Wray and few more FBI officials unknown to me and then tender is resignation.

This would relieve Trump of unwarranted obstruction charges, allow Trump to ensure a qualified successor to Sessions and then to accept Sessions’ resignation.