Jeff Sessions recently wrote an article for USA Today which was all about defending free speech on campus. Good for him. Take a look:

Free speech on college campuses is making a comeback

This commencement season, millions of families across America will celebrate the success of a new college graduate and millions more are looking forward to a loved one entering college in the fall.

As we celebrate these achievements, we should also celebrate the contributions that colleges and universities can make to our society.

To be sure, higher education brings economic benefits to graduates and to our country as a whole. But at a more fundamental level, higher education can help promote the free exchange of ideas that is necessary for a functioning Republic.

And while this free exchange is necessary, it is also historically rare and fragile. If we are going to preserve that free exchange of ideas, then the American people must remain vigilant.

Under President Trump’s strong leadership, that’s what the Department of Justice has done. We are vigilant in defending the free speech rights of students across America and we are winning in court.