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Jeb Bush Pushes “Freshman Year for Free” Program

Jeb Bush Pushes “Freshman Year for Free” Program

“college still has value for a whole lot of people, and it [ought to] be much more affordable than it is today”

This is a program which has been hailed by other governors. Maybe it’s worth a look.

CNBC reports:

Jeb Bush: College still has value and should be more affordable

Research consistently shows that earning a college degree from an accredited nonprofit school adds millions to a worker’s lifetime earnings and Americans across the political spectrum used to agree that earning a college degree was a smart investment.

But this general consensus has waned over time. A 2017 Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey found that Americans are losing faith in college degrees and that this faith is slipping most among young adults, men and rural Americans. Pew Research Center found that the partisan divide in the perceived value of a college education is significantly wider today…

In an interview with CNBC, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush reaffirmed what politicians across the aisle used to agree on — college is a valuable investment.

“A four-year degree with a psych major loaded up with debt may not be the proper course for everybody,” he says. “But college still has value for a whole lot of people, and it [ought to] be much more affordable than it is today.”…

The first idea that Bush suggests is the “Freshman Year for Free” program, which is a part of the Modern States Education Alliance, a non-profit founded by New Mountain Capital founder and CEO Steve Klinsky.


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College? Hell NO! Trade School with a high success rate for Jobs after completion, that I could support.

Or if you must pay for a year of college, do it for Seniors with a 3.0+ gpa.

No, thank you.
Jeb Bush and his crony capitalism practices have already caused enough damage to education, at least here in Florida.

No. If you want to make college more affordable, you have to stop subsidizing it. Whenever the government puts money into sending people to school, the price of school goes up. Stop the cycle. Just stop it.

And Jeb should retire quietly and live out the rest of his life in peace, happiness, and blessed silence.

Jeezuz H. Christ, there’s nothing these idiots can’t make worse.

When government subsidizes something, what happens? We get more of it.

When it subsidizes overpriced education, what will we get?

Even more overpriced education.

Not just No! Hell No! And the same to Jeb!

Great idea! Every youbg adult will get a year of marxist indoctrination at taxpayer expense.

Clueless idiot. We need to vanquish the SJW administrative positions at our universities, not subsidize them even further.

How clueless can he be? How out of touch with what his base fighting against daily in the real world?

So glad Trump ended his campaign. Stay on the golf course, low energy Jeb.

Jeb Bush, the Red Guard’s Director of Recruitment.

Jeb morphed into Bernie so quickly that I didn’t have time to notice.

Oh well. NWO(prog.) crowd.

This! This is why we have President JEB!

Wasn’t that funny? Please clap.

On a more serious not, why is this guy still getting press coverage? Enough already.

G. de La Hoya | June 9, 2018 at 9:26 pm

“Low-Energy” Jeb trying his darndest to stay relevant.

Such a useless jackass. Thank goodness, he has no ability to influence anyone, about anything, short of an occasional mention in filler news during a slow news cycle.

Any value created by this subsidy will be entirely captured by the school itself, in outrageous salaries and benefits.

No, Jeb.

Get government out of the college business to get costs down. Only support valid stem training in any case.

So happy he lost the presidential race.

healthguyfsu | June 10, 2018 at 1:30 pm

I don’t support this. Freshmen come in entitled enough now when they or mom/dad are paying for it. They will come now thinking you have to earn their future enrollment…it will only hasten the decline of the rigors of higher ed.

    healthguyfsu in reply to healthguyfsu. | June 10, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    I should also point out that while students or their benefactors do pay a lot now and scream about it, taxpayers absorb a far greater percentage of the cost pie. On average, only 20% of a university’s revenue is from tuition.