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Italy Declares Victory in Standoff with German Migrant ‘Rescue’ Boat

Italy Declares Victory in Standoff with German Migrant ‘Rescue’ Boat

Italy’s new right-wing Interior Minister vows to put an end to the “business of illegal immigration”

Italy’s new government has declared victory in a standoff over a German-owned rescue boat that brought hundreds of migrants to its shores. Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini refused MS Aquarius, which carried 629 migrants on board, to dock over the weekend. Spain’s newly elected Socialist government accepted the boat, which ended the impasse.

“Saving lives at sea is a duty, but transforming Italy into an enormous refugee camp is not,” Minister Salvini wrote on Facebook. “Italy is done bowing its head and obeying. This time there’s someone saying no.”

“France pushes people back at the border, Spain defends its frontier with weapons. From today, Italy will also start to say no to human trafficking, no to the business of illegal immigration,” Salvini told reporters on Sunday. He announced the move on Twitter using hashtags such as “we’re shutting our ports”.

Surprisingly, there was hardly any reaction from Germany and the European Union, as the UK left-wing newspaper The Guardian remarked, “Germany was too busy to comment as its leaders sound off over tougher asylum laws in response to the grisly murder of a teenage girl. Last week, German police detained an Iraqi asylum-seeker, who later confessed raping and murdering a 14-year-old Jewish girl in Mainz, near Frankfurt.

France-based broadcaster EuroNews covered the incidents that unfolded off the coast of Italy:

More than 600 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean will be transferred from the overloaded ship that saved them onto other vessels for the voyage to Spain.

After Italy and Malta refused to accept the 629 passengers on board the Aquarius, Madrid stepped in and said it was prepared to open a port. (…)

Italy’s interior minister Matteo Salvini banned the ship from docking, saying he wanted to prevent the country becoming a “huge refugee camp”. Salvini said Malta should accept the boat and its passengers, who had been rescued at sea in separate operations off the Libyan coast. When Malta also refused, new Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez made an offer to take the ship at Valencia.

The ship was registered to SOS Méditerranée, a Berlin-based NGO. According to the charity, “the group of mainly sub-Saharan Africans were picked up in six different rescue operations off the coast of Libya,” British daily Independent reported. It is unclear why Italy must feel obliged to accept refugees rescued by a German-owned boat picking up migrants off the coast of Libya. Estimated 600,000 migrants have landed on Italy’s coasts from Africa since the refugee influx began five years.

The incident confirmed Brussels concerns over the new anti-EU government in Rome. Last month, Italy’s anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and the right-wing League party formed a coalition government. The parties were called to form the government after the EU-backed Italian establishment failed to install an unelected pro-EU prime minister without consulting the major elected parties. French opposition leader Marie Le Pen had described the move to nominate Carlo Cottarelli—pro-EU technocrat and former director of the International Monetary Fund—at the helm of the Italian government as “a coup d’état, a robbery of the Italian people by illegitimate institutions.”

Many in the European ruling establishment are still incensed by the formation of a right-wing government in Rome and want to take the “insubordinate” government head on. The EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger wanted “markets” to punish Italian voters for daring to vote anti-EU parties into power. “[C]oming weeks will show that the development of the markets, government bonds and the economy of Italy will be so far-reaching that this will be a possible signal to voters not to vote for populists on the right or left,” Oettinger told German broadcaster Deutsche Welle. Oettinger, who belongs to Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democratic party, was later forced to apologize for his comments.

Earlier this month, the billionaire philanthropist and financier George Soros, who funds several pro-immigration charities, urged the EU not to seek direct confrontation with the Italy’s newly elected government over its tougher immigration policy. The EU “will dig its own grave by provoking a negative response from the Italian electorate, which would then re-elect Movimento 5 Stelle and Lega Nord with an increased majority,” Soros warned.

The standoff in the Mediterranean sea could be an opening salvo in Italy’s confrontation with the EU and European establishment over the open border migrant crisis. By taking a tough stance of illegal immigration, Italy’s ruling alliance is merely fulfilling its electoral promises. This, however, is an alien concept for Europe’s present ruling class to wrap it head around.

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People are getting tired of being placed second to these immigrants. With the majority of these people being Muslims, why aren’t they being accepted and welcomed in Muslim states who have the financial means to support them, as well as the lands.

It is the global version of what Trump has been saying and working on for the US borders.

The sovereignty of the countries is at stake, even if Merkle refuses to believe it. This is part of their jihad, even if the media and the left refuse to acknowledge it.

“…The ship was registered to SOS Méditerranée, a Berlin-based NGO…”

If it were Berlin-based, it would be suspect. If it were NGO-backed, it would be suspect. But a Berlin-based NGO? They’re up to no good.

    pwaldoch in reply to Matt_SE. | June 12, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    Next time they want to go out picking up these people, they should pick up less and then steam around the continent and drop them off directly into Germany if Berlin wants them so badly.

The Italians have returned to common sense.

These “rescue” ships are a scam. This is the Mediterranean Sea, not the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans. The rescue ship can just as easily return the illegal immigrants to their point of origin, Tunis or wherever, as it can to Italy. But, they won’t. Because the whole point of their operation is to make sure these immigrants reach Europe.

    Barry in reply to Mac45. | June 12, 2018 at 12:06 pm

    Because the whole point of their operation is to make sure these immigrants invaders reach Europe.

    FIFY 🙂

JohnSmith100 | June 12, 2018 at 12:15 pm

It is interesting that muslim states will not accept muslims from other countries. They know that all of them are ungrateful troublemakers. Everyone should follow their example.

American Human | June 12, 2018 at 12:19 pm

MIGA: Make Italy Great Again!!!!

Fulfilling promises made when they were elected! What a concept!

My family hails from Salerno. The Campania region of Italy. At the height of the empire Italy was twenty five percent slave. Campania was forty percent. I don’t even know if I’m genetically Italian. I don’t care.

My family got the h#ll out just as soon as they could gather the money and come to America. Not that hot on making Italy great again. I am, and all I am, is American.

“A 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines India Company Corpsman in full PPE signals a Helo into a LZ in Afganistan by shuffling with Christmas lights wrapped around him. The pilots loved it.”

Unfortunately Italy’s position is very weak due to its disastrous national debt, making it vulnerable to EU pressure and so limiting its ability to tell the EU where to get off.

Good for Italy! Now begin shipping migrants out of Italy back to North Africa. Let Spain get stupid until their people get fed up.

That said, I have nothing but the sincerest hope that Italy digs itself out of it’s s***a** ways.

Another Voice | June 12, 2018 at 2:30 pm

It appears the Old Dog Soros IS learning a new trick:
“billionaire philanthropist and financier George Soros, who funds several pro-immigration charities, urged the EU not to seek direct confrontation with the Italy’s newly elected government over its tougher immigration policy. The EU “will dig its own grave by provoking a negative response from the Italian electorate, which would then re-elect Movimento 5 Stelle and Lega Nord with an increased majority,” Soros warned.”

The very opposite approach he backed and supported the Non-Trumpers to do and now says “What a mess it is”.

I just believe it’s Karma!

“Right-wing” as in pro-native. The refugee crises would be a trickle, and the trail of tears would be arid, with pro-native policies and emigration reform.

stevewhitemd | June 12, 2018 at 8:37 pm

So the ship (and a number of others all operated by various NGOs) pick up refugees just off the coast of Libya. Follow me here —

— refugees pay $3000 to $6000 to be “smuggled” to Europe

— human traffickers load the refugees into a rubber raft on a beach in Libya

— the raft gets a few hundred yards into the Med

— the NGO ship picks them up.

So here’s my question: how is the NGO financed? Are they receiving funds somehow from the traffickers? And where’s the refugee money going — rubber rafts and bribes to Libyan officials can’t be THAT much.

I think a forensic audit of these NGOs would be very interesting.

Take the ship back to its port of origin, disembark the passengers then sink it. Sink every single ngo ship involved in human smuggling and every single private ship. Sink them in the ports of origin to make it clear to the corrupt officials they have to quit dealing with human traffickers.

Make it hard and ugly. Then they will quit this invasion not before.

Ghaddafi’s major sin was giving up his WMD program and making nice with America, providing us intel on terrorists. Leftists like Obama and Clinton can’t stand that kind of thing. The “brown/black ‘other'” is supposed to hate America and resist at all costs.

So like Hosni Mubarak he had to go. And be replaced by the most hostile forces available.

So Obama/Clinton knocked Ghaddafi off and created Europe’s refugee crisis. Because Europe wouldn’t have all this massive wave of “migrants” if we didn’t create a launching pad in Libya, only 90 miles from the southern point of Italy.

Sure, the Europeans gave us plenty of help. But I still think Obama and Clinton should pay for this. Don’t imagine for one second that creating “refugee” crises wasn’t deliberate on their part.

How are you all enjoying your fundamental transformation?