Islamist groups have adopted new strategies to gain influence in Germany, a report by the intelligence agency of the German state of Baden-Württemberg disclosed. Instead of taking on the powerful government establishment or law enforcement head on, they have adopted a ‘legalistic strategy’ to achieve their political objectives.

Describing the nature of Islamist infiltration of the German society, the report explained that “a substantial part of the [Islamist] scene in Germany comprises of political associations, organisations, and parties that try to realize their aims within the existing legal framework.”

“The primary objective of Islamism” represented by groups like the Muslim Brotherhood is to “achieve political power through legal means,” the report added.

“The missionary Islam aims at retaining and spreading the Islamic identity,” and the followers of “Jihadism seek recruits for the armed struggle, which they justify through Islam,” the report said while describing the other two-pronged approach adopted by the Islamists.

Despite the Islamic State being on the run in Iraq and Syria, the terrorist organization poses a serious security threat to Germany and Europe, the report claimed:

Even though the influx has subsided, Syria continues to remain a destination for German jihadis. More than 960 individuals German connection have left for Syria or Iraq to join the fighter there, 50 out of them are from the state of Baden-Württemberg. The declining numbers do not mean an all-clear signal as far as the threat posed by the jihadis is concerned. [Page 33, Translation by the author]

Not just the returning Islamic State terrorists, the stay-behind Islamic radicals pose a security threat to Germany as well. “The threat of attacks by Islamists radicalized in their native European countries remains just as high,” the report explained.

The document focused on various foreign and domestic threats, including the activities of the Iran-sponsored terrorist group Hezbollah on German soil. According to the report, Hezbollah has managed to build a “nationwide network” in Germany. Hezbollah members are involved in organizing the annual Islamist Al-Quds marches that are staged in several German cities including Berlin, the report confirmed.

In recent years, Hezbollah has established established itself in Europe with networks that span across region, this is especially valid for Germany. Its member occasionally appear in public events and engage in covert activities to acquire funding. [Page 69, Translation by the author]

The 345-page intelligence report questions the German government’s efforts to bring back ISIS fighters and their families. “Returnees—coming back from the conflict zones in Syria and Iraq with terrorist training and/or battle experience—pose a considerable security threat,” the report said.

The German government has justified the measure to bring back ISIS families by citing “humanitarian considerations” and “Germany’s duty to protect its citizens.” The Merkel-led government has a curious definition of “protect its citizens.” It places the well-being of jihadis, who vow to wage war on Western civilization, above the life and safety of the law-abiding German citizens.

According to recent German intelligence reports, the number of Islamists in the country has crossed the 10,000-mark for the first time. With more than 1,000 members, the German capital Berlin has emerged as a major Islamist bastion in Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open borders policy toward migrants continues to drive those numbers even higher.

The latest report adds to the piling evidence that Islamism poses an existential threat to German society, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her government continue to ignore the signs as they pursue their foolhardy migrant policy, opening Germany to millions of immigrants from Arab and Muslim countries.

Furthermore, Merkel-led Germany continues to act as a driving force behind the EU’s open doors policy. Given the prevailing attitude in Berlin, intelligence assessments such as these will continue to fall on deaf ears.

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