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George Washington U. Students Will be Forced to Attend Diversity Workshops

George Washington U. Students Will be Forced to Attend Diversity Workshops

“will be implemented in the fall of this year for the first time”

College aged students today are bombarded with pro-diversity messaging from the time they enter grade school. Why do college students need programs like these?

The College Fix reports:

George Washington University forces new students to attend diversity skits, workshops

George Washington University will introduce mandatory “diversity measures” for new students starting this fall, with a series of skits and workshops meant to promote “dialogue about inclusivity” on the private, Washington D.C. campus.

The new program comes several months after a racial controversy at the school in which members of the Alpha Phi sorority posted a picture on Snapchat of a young woman holding a banana peel with the caption: “I’m 1/16th black.” The individuals in the photograph later claimed that they were unaware that the caption had been attached to the photograph.

Public outrage on the campus led to calls for administrative action. This led George Washington University officials to pledge new diversity measures and inclusion training, among them mandatory programs for freshmen. Those programs will be implemented in the fall of this year for the first time, according to the campus newspaper the GW Hatchet.

Though university spokeswoman Maralee Csellar did not respond to requests from The College Fix regarding the content of the diversity training, she told The Hatchet that the university hopes “to introduce students to some of the issues they may face and also to introduce them to the University resources that may be able to help in each situation. Diversity and inclusion topics are highlighted in one thread of the skits, but are presented in context and are not the sole focus of the skits writ large.”


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How do these idiots make the students pay attention to this propaganda? I would wear headphones and watch a movie instead of possible.

    Geologist in reply to ConradCA. | June 29, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    The California State Bar requires me to attend a course on the Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession (or some such crap) every three years. I bring noise cancelling headphones and a book. I should also bring some medicines to help calm me down!

    My physical presence is all that is required, not my attention.

    Doing it on-line, I would feel obligated to pay attention. So I go in person and sit in the back row — which is crowded with others who are not willing participants.

    The Nanny Bar has other requirements, but this is the most offensive. I could have sworn that the Constitution protects my right to be a bigot, a misogynist, a Nazi, etc., and this enforced indoctrination is a violation of my rights.

    So you are right, the proper response to the University’s demand is to bring a set of earplugs and watch a movie on your iPhone.

Every student attending this university should claim to be African American because that is were mankind started according to science. This should eliminate the need for diversity training because everyone would be the same race.

I would politely ask the professor / adjunct / teaching assistant if I could ask one question before they began their lecture: “Can you please provide the class with an objective, empirical, and falsifiable standard definition of ‘race’?”

If none was forthcoming, I’d bugger off back to my real studies.

I am pretty sure skits are a learning technique best reserved for elementary school.

SeekingRationalThought | June 29, 2018 at 10:56 pm

This is why I no longer donate money to George Washington. Its not simply that they do stupid things like this. Its that they do whatever is trendy and “politically correct” and exercise absolutely no independent thought. The school has absolutely no principles or integrity and represents nothing unique or worthwhile. It is an institution which exists merely to exist and provide jobs to its own insiders.