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Facebook Funded News Will be Available to View Later This Summer

Facebook Funded News Will be Available to View Later This Summer

What could possibly go wrong?

Facebook users will have an entirely new way to consume news.

Later this summer, just ahead of the 2018 midterms, Facebook Watch will roll out several shows from various news networks, including a nightly show featuring CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Facebook writes:

Earlier this year we made a commitment to show news that is trustworthy, informative, and local on Facebook. As a part of that commitment, we are creating a dedicated section within Watch for news shows produced exclusively for Facebook by news publishers. With this effort, we are testing a destination for high quality and timely news content on the platform. Today we are announcing the first slate of these funded news shows for Facebook Watch.

This first lineup of funded shows includes news publishers from broadcast to digital native, national and local. The shows will be hosted by award-winning journalists, as well as new faces, and the formats will vary from a mix of daily briefings, weekly deep dives, and live breaking news coverage. They’ll debut later this summer, and we’ll announce additional shows in the coming weeks. We will work closely with our publisher partners to experiment with these different formats to understand what works, and they will have full editorial control of their shows.

Their promo:

Facebook published a list of shows that will “air” (do you call it airing if it’s on the web?):

  • ABC News’ “On Location” [wt] is a daily news show with ABC News journalists from around the globe delivering on-the-ground reporting and the top headlines that are driving the day.
  • Advance Local’s “Chasing Corruption” In Alabama Media Group’s Chasing Corruption’s weekly series, host Ian Hoppe and the Reckon by team travel across the USA to meet some of America’s toughest watchdog journalists — and the stories of conspiracy, bribery, fraud and more they’ve uncovered.
  • ATTN:’s “Undivided ATTN:” is a weekly explainer show that breaks down the biggest issue of the week. In 3-5 minute episodes hosted by a rotating cast of social influencers, Undivided ATTN: will provide context on the stories everybody’s talking about.
  • CNN’s “Anderson Cooper Full Circle” is a daily global brief on the world, M-F evenings featuring Anderson Cooper and a roster of guests. The interactive program will air live from Anderson’s New York City newsroom in mobile-friendly vertical video.
  • FOX News’ “Fox News Update” will focus on up-to-the minute breaking news and the most compelling stories of the day. FNC’s chief news anchor Shepard Smith will report the latest news each weekday afternoon, with Carley Shimkus updating viewers every morning. Additionally, Abby Huntsman will provide the latest headlines once each morning throughout the weekend.
  • Mic’s “Mic Dispatch” reveals the world as we see it: complicated, diverse and full of potential. Mic correspondents on this new, twice-weekly show go beyond the headlines to profile the underrepresented, the problem-solvers and the provocateurs.”
  • Univision’s “Real America with Jorge Ramos” Award-winning journalist, anchor and author Jorge Ramos travels the country to talk to immigrants of diverse backgrounds and situations, delivering a rarely covered view of today’s America from their perspective. Univision will also cover the top stories in Spanish at noon every day on Watch with “Noticiero Univision Edición Digital.”

Facebook announced earlier this month that they’d be ending their controversial Trending News section.

Coming from a company with a long-standing history of anti-conservative bias, I’m not sure how they plan to convince users their new sponsored news won’t fall into the same ideological pitfalls.


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Any bets on how long the “Fox News Update” will last, before Fakebook gives in to whatever hashtag campaign the rabid leftists unleashes on them, and pulls it from their lineup?

I’d bet on a week.

    pakurilecz in reply to rinardman. | June 11, 2018 at 10:15 pm

    “FNC’s chief news anchor Shepard Smith will report the latest news each weekday afternoon”
    they wont cancel it as long as the darling of the left Shep Smith is doing the reporting

buckeyeminuteman | June 11, 2018 at 7:15 pm

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compares with what lies right to our faces.

Facebook can’t dry up and blow away fast enough.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | June 11, 2018 at 9:24 pm

All the Fake need not fit to print.

They’re all a bunch of…..

Google will be adding words like “gun-grips” and “scopes and sights” to its list of prohibited AdWords later this month.
The search engine will also be banning any AdWords that deal with the “3D printing of guns or gun parts,” this will include “instructions” on 3D printing of firearm parts.

Google announced these new changes in an email, the subject line of which reads, “Google AdWords Policy Update – Change to Dangerous products or services Policy.”

Breitbart possesses the email, which provides a “non-exhaustive list of examples of products for which ads will no longer be allowed.” Those include:

Conversion kits
Scopes and sights
Tripods and bipods
Gun-making instructions, software or equipment for 3D printing of guns or gun-parts

Google’s AdWord policy change comes just months after YouTube announced it was banning all gun demonstration videos, and follows Facebook’s incremental prohibitions on gun ads and sales.

Second Amendment Foundation executive director Alan Gottlieb spoke to Breitbart New about this backdoor gun control, saying, “The Google war on guns is a direct attack on gun ownership. Maybe it is time to regulate the internet giants like Google, Facebook, and YouTube and not gun ownership.”

Any lawyers around?

When Ted Cruz questioned mark Zuckerberg, he claimed that facebook being a “neutral public forum” was a predicate for Section 230 safe harbor provisions of the Communications Decency Act to apply to facebook.

Cruz is a good lawyer so I can buy it, but I read the act and couldn’t find anything that specifically says so.

can anyone explain Cruz’s logic more carefully?

Not that I think it matters much. It would be hard to argue in court that facebook cannot discriminate the traffic it allows through it’s pipes, while AT&T can.

Pravda news.