DePaul has an awful record on free speech and has embraced the far left. Now, they are reaping the benefits of those decisions.

The College Fix reports:

Dozens of layoffs at university given ‘Lifetime Censorship Award’ as enrollment plunges

Earlier this year DePaul University was given the first-ever “Lifetime Censorship Award” by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education for its long, inglorious history of punishing and suppressing mostly conservative speech.

The nation’s largest Catholic university – which doesn’t want students to hear about radical Islam’s threat to gay people, vandalism against pro-lifers or criticism of race preferences – has appeared with regularity on FIRE’s annual list of the worst colleges for free speech…

Its left-wing strain of Catholicism used to simply alienate self-identified Catholics, but now it’s having more trouble getting anyone to come to the Chicago campus.

Conspicuously missing from its “newsroom” portal: DePaul is slashing dozens of staff positions to “place the university in a better long-term position to invest in strategic growth,” according to a statement to staff Thursday obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

The 62 full- and part-time staff members are mostly in administrative support roles, and they represent 3.5 percent of non-faculty workers. The statement didn’t specify exact positions. The school avoided the ire of its faculty by sparing them any layoffs…

A consultant who has worked for DePaul thinks that falling enrollment at the school, which “grew extremely fast” over a short period, is the culprit. Its peak enrollment of more than 16,000 students in 2012 had fallen to 14,816 by 2017.


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