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Charles Krauthammer Passes Away, He Will Be Sorely Missed

Charles Krauthammer Passes Away, He Will Be Sorely Missed

Goodspeed, good sir.

It’s with great sadness that we had another post to the R.I.P. column — legendary columnist and intellectual, Charles Krauthammer, passed away Thursday at the age of 68.

Just a few weeks ago, Krauthammer wrote an open letter explaining his dire prognosis and explained he had mere weeks to live. Unfortunately, the doctors were right.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell issued the following statement:

I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of my friend Charles Krauthammer this afternoon.

Just because this news didn’t come as a surprise does not make it any easier to face. As a writer, speaker, and commentator, Charles served our society as a public intellectual in the truest sense. His pen functioned like a lighthouse, helping all of us see more clearly and reason more thoroughly through the most important issues that our nation faced.

The physical disabilities Charles impressively overcame only seemed to make his mind sharper. His thinking was astonishingly clear. His moral reasoning was straightforward but profound. And his intellectual brilliance bordered on genius. Charles Krauthammer was in a class of his own.

I will sorely miss his friendship and his wise counsel. I will miss our long conversations, which ranged from policy to history to the state of our Washington Nationals. And for our nation’s sake, I am so sorry that his invaluable contributions to our public discourse have come to an end.

Elaine and I are praying for Robyn, Daniel, and everyone who knew and loved this remarkable man. Elaine and I pray that he finds comfort and peace in these days.”

“Has anyone ever done more with the life God handed him, or played a bad hand as astoundingly as Charles did?” writes Commentary’s John Podhoretz in a fantastic obit.

Krauthammer’s Fox News colleagues shared their thoughts:

Deeply saddened. Crying. And abundantly thankful Krauthammer chose to share his wisdom and thoughts with the rest of us with grace and kindness.

Goodspeed, good sir.


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Please Tell the Truth! Charles Krauthammer didn’t just “pass away”. He was killed by the Medical Establishment who administered poisonous treatments to him in the guise of “curing cancer”. Chemotherapy does not “cure” anything. Chemotherapy kills people. More people with cancer die from chemotherapy and radiation “treatment” than actually die from cancer. The Medical Establishment is in the business of making money– not curing or healing anybody from anything. Sickness is profitable, wellness is not. Please tell the truth. Thank you.

RIP, Dr. Krauthammer. Your succinct, thoughtful, clever commentary will be missed.

In this day, where debates are most often between those who use emotion and those of us who use logicto win an argument , Dr. Krauthammer was a giant. Leading the way for the side of logic, at a point when most people become tongue tied, he would wade directly into the debate to challenge the legalize trick of playing to emotions, AND WIN.

We have lost a giant and a great leader in the war of ideas. He was blessed with a great mind and CHOSE to make the best of the opportunities he had rather than wallow in self pity and wait to die.

Is there a better example of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If?”

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