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Cal Poly Faculty Voting on Resolution Unfair to Conservative Student Groups

Cal Poly Faculty Voting on Resolution Unfair to Conservative Student Groups

“requiring student groups to pay security costs over $5,000”

Security is an ongoing issue at conservative campus events because of threats from the left. Then schools turn around an charge conservative student groups massive security fees. At this school, the faculty may cap the amount that the school will provide.

Campus Reform reports:

Cal Poly faculty resolution imperils conservative events

The faculty government at California Polytechnic Institute, San Luis Obispo will vote Tuesday on a resolution targeting campus conservative groups over security costs for their events.

Cal Poly SLO’s Academic Senate, composed of “50 elected faculty representatives, 4 administrators, and 2 students,” bills itself as the “principal mechanism for consultative participation by the University community.” On Tuesday afternoon, the body will vote on a resolution that mentions two conservative groups by name, requiring student groups to pay security costs over $5,000.

The resolution calls out “The Cal Poly College Republicans and the Cal Poly chapter of Turning Point USA” for their April event featuring Milo Yiannopoulos, which they claim cost the university system $86,200 in security fees. It also references Yiannopoulos’s 2017 appearance at the California public college, which it says cost $64,000 in security fees “due to concerns over protesters and counter-protesters.”

It also blames the conservative groups for the cost of a counter-event featuring left-wing comedian Kamau Bell, which was sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and the Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity to divert attention away from Yiannopoulos.

This classic Iowahawk tweet summarizes the problem:


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It looks like the Cal Poly faculty want to give the “heckler’s veto” their political and economic support. Leftist groups will pay nothing for security, while conservative groups can be silenced simply by raising the price to more than they can afford.