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Branco Cartoon – Raging Bull


A wonderful it.
Happy Birthday President Trump!

An accurate comical depiction of reality is what makes political cartoons funny.

This is hilarious.

Directors love working with DeNiro. They know his limitations so he’s only given scripts where the f-word is used repeatedly. He shares this limitation with Joe go-home-&-get-your-f***in’-shine-box Pesci. See Goodfellas, Casino, et alia.

When scripts are written for Pesci & DeNiro, it’s quite common for the keyboard’s “f” key to be frequently replaced. If said enough, whether in real life or on screen, it really becomes quite infantile.

More Raging BS these days

I almost sprayed my key board, ABSOLUTELY GREAT, PERFECT TUNE & caption. MAGA, Happy B-day POTUS.~~~~~~ Thanks A.F.B.

I dunno about this cartoon — DeNiro looks far too dignified.

legacyrepublican | June 14, 2018 at 2:35 pm

Wish you had Trump say …

“You talking to me?”

Sorry … couldn’t resist.

Should be a wino not a baby. DeNiro looks worse than many homeless I’ve seen on the streets and he has the same vocabulary and the smug look of self congratulation when he lets one of his verbal farts go.

He’s no better than Kathy Griffin or any of the other “F” list hollywood nut cases.

    Andy in reply to jakee308. | June 14, 2018 at 5:11 pm

    Drew Pinski pointed out that the appropriate response to Griffin is to encourage her to get help rather than putting a camera on her. She’s compromised- so stop treating her like she’s a functional member of society any more than you would an inmate at the loony bin. I’d like to hope he’s right, because if not, that’s just a mean and awful person. The dash between her birth and death is one long period of anguish.

    I don’t suspect Dinero has mental issues, rather he is as small and mean as he comes across.

I would suggest that he compensate with a nice truck, but he probably couldn’t drive a Kenworth.