This is an easy way to end up in debt with no job prospects.

Campus Reform reports:

ASU touts prospect of ‘green’ jobs for social justice majors

Arizona State University is offering students a chance to obtain a Bachelor’s or Masters degree in “Social Justice and Human Rights.”

According to the university’s website, the bachelor’s program “prepares students for lives spent advocating for social justice and protecting human rights in local, national, and global contexts.”

Students who choose the social justice major are allowed to pick from “three uniquely theoretical and applied areas of focus,” categorized as “advocacy and social change,” “critical trauma studies and everyday humanitarianism,” and “materialism, intersectionality, and inequality.”

The school explains that the program is interdisciplinary and will give students an opportunity to take classes from different academic fields such as Political Science and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Specifically, the students participating in the degree program could register for dozens of possible courses, including “Grassroots Social Movements,” “Hate Speech, Manifestos, and Radical Writings,” and “Power and American Democracy.”

According to the course description, “Grassroots Social Movements” is a three-unit social and behavioral sciences class that will count toward the “Advocacy and Social Change” focus area. Students enrolled in the course will explore how “groups mobilize collectively to produce social, economic, and cultural change” in the U.S.