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A Public University in Washington State Seeks to Hire ‘Undocumented Focused Program Manager’

A Public University in Washington State Seeks to Hire ‘Undocumented Focused Program Manager’

“focus on diversity, inclusion and social justice”

In other words, a school that takes tax dollars intends to fund a position which will cater to non-citizen students.

The Washington Examiner reports:

University job posting: ‘Undocumented Focused Program Manager’

A public university in Washington state is seeking to hire an individual focused solely on overseeing various issues that pertain to illegal immigrant students attending the university.

The University of Washington-Bothell has posted an advertisement for the position of “Undocumented Focused Program Manager” in the Student Diversity Center of the university.

According to the job listing, the position will be focused on expanding outreach to the undocumented student community, as well as recruiting and training student “allies” using the best available practices at a national level.

Individuals will “design, coordinate, and deliver educational, cultural workshops and events which focus on diversity, inclusion and social justice, with an emphasis in programming and advocacy for undocumented student populations,” the listing reads. Additionally, the “Undocumented Focused Program Manager” will be responsible for designing “curriculum for undocumented ally training that is UW-Bothell focused and draws from national best practices.”


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It is a shame that they aren’t making more episodes of “Community” because and many other articles on the blog would be wonderful story lines. There seems to be more than a little “Greendale” in these places.